Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knowledge, Action and Devotion

There is an illusion which is found in our religious books. Its explanation is very useful for our life.
There lived a bird on a beach on a tree. She gave two eggs in its nest. She loved her eggs very much. At the time of tide in ocean, the eggs went into the ocean and when the bird returned she did not find them there. She at once guessed that her eggs were swallowed by the ocean. So she started throwing soil particles (Sand) into the ocean with her small beak. A saint, named 'Augastya' was passing from there. He asked her, "O pious angel! what are you doing?" She said, "O respectable god! This ocean has swallowed my little once and I will dry it up." Augustya said, "You can't do it. It is not possible for you. I can drink this huge ocean with only three sips." He did it and by yoga he released the water of whole ocean as urine and saved the life of her two dear once. It is said that the ocean tastes salty from that time.
This story of our books is considered as it is, by everyone. But I am throwing a flash of true fact hidden within it.Only than, you can understand the actual secret theme of it. The bird is soul and its two dear once are mind and wisdom. This vast world is the ocean. When our mind and wisdom are completely disturbed in this world, the soul throw particles of knowledge to this world to conquer it. But it is impossible to win it. After sometime 'Vivek' comes in existence. 'Vivek' means 'knowledge of true or false'.'Vivek' can easily take three sips of 'Hard work, true knowledge and prayer' and realizes that this world is salty and leaves thinking himself about it. Now mind and wisdom both are saved from this world.
So O dear brother! if you want to conquer this whole world, invest your time either on gaining knowledge, doing good tasks or for meditations etc. Only then you will get the leave from this vast, sorrowful world and you will be able to get pleasure. It is truly said in vedas-
"Om Kurvanneveh karmani jijivishechchhatam samah ...."
'Have a wish to live minimum hundred years doing good deeds.'
This is second sip of Rishi Augastya. Similarly we can find other two sips which are not mentioned here in detail. I will tell you later about it.
I am giving you a fundamental thought that "Knowledge, Action and Devotion is key to success".

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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