Saturday, December 11, 2010


In all religions it is commonly said that we should always speak truth. So it is essential to make this word the task of my discussion as I want to discuss common topics of Hindu Mythology with you.
When we speak truth, our speech becomes forceful and radiant. Maharishi Shringi never spoke a single word of lie and falsehood for 84 years. Whatever he said, must happen. If he proclaimed death for a man, the man must die. Similarly Maharishi Atri Muni observed truthfulnesss for 120 years in his life. If he said to a flying bird that it should come to him, the bird had to come to him. Our speech has such a great power that it can take us to God. That is why truth speaking is too much necessary according to our Hindu religion too.
When we accept falsehood or lie, our speech losses power and after sometime we, ourself  feel the importance of truth. If we want to become a yogi we should accept 'Ashtang Yog' which has eight parts. In first part 'Ahimsa, satya, asteya, aparigrah and brahmcharaya' comes. It's integrated form is called 'Yama'.
Ahimsa - Not to hurt anybody with our mind, speech or acitons.
Satya - Truthfullness
Asteya - Leaving theft of every kind.
Aparigrah - Not to indulge too much with sensuous pleasure and having dignity.
Brahmcharya - Not to indulge in any kind of sexual behaviour.
So, it is necessary for a Yogi to speak truth and if we want to make our speech forceful, we should accept truthfulness.
One thing what I have observed that for a scientist or a student it is very important to speak truth ever. Think for a while, when we always speak truth, waves of truthfulness come to us. Our whole environment become full of truthfulness. No one will speak lies to us who comes in touch with us except some non-noticed persons. In this environment, we shall be able to think real things, no false wave of mind then strikes us. That is why we shall gain our true knowledge and then we use to solve some problems in our dreams too. Obviously our dreams will give us those ideas that depend upon true facts. And it is true. We can gain a lot in this environment.
So O dear reader! you should speak truth if you want to gain. I can not write too much now but later I shall discuss about truth and give some more facts related to it if I shall get a chance.

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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