Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Condition of The World

This story is found in our religious book Mahabharat which is told by Mahatma Vidur to King Dhritrashtra at the time of Mahabharat to define the condition of world which is famous for its foresightedness.
Once a man was wandering in forests. Suddenly, he saw that trees of forest have caught fire and were burning producing a lot of heat. There lions were roaring and the elephants were trumpeting with very loud noise. He was very frightened. He ran towards a very big tree which was near a clean water pond. In hurry, he went on climbing on it. But when he saw below, a snake was also crawling towards him from its roots. On which branch, he was sitting, two rats of black colour and white colour were cutting that branch. An elephant of six heads and trunks was shaking that tree and trying to break it with its trunks. He suddenly understood his future that is to be ended soon. But at that branch some drops of honey were falling from a hive of bees that was some where on upper branches. He took his tongue below that flow of drops. And now he completely forgot his uncertain future that is nothing except death.
Now he explains this story-
When the child, before birth, has existence in the womb of mother, he becomes very much worried because of the warmth of womb and the sound of circulation of life wind and blood. There he feels a hell. He prays to god to separate him from that Hell.The god gives him, after a certain   period of more than nine months, the outer world. This world is like a tree. [Place of uterus is compared to have the fire and frightening sound of elephants and lions]. In that tree that elephant is six seasons, every season is of two months, which is continuously cutting the age of that person, rats of black and white colors are day and night, which is continuously ending the life of that person. That snake is the death that is to come surely. Here everyone forgot his death because honey of anger, desires, greed, proud and love is being taken by them. They forget their death and are busy in these tasks.
So, O dear reader! try to get some different thing other than these and now it is the time to be busy in gaining true knowledge, doing pious tasks and praying the God. Don't forget your death. Death is approaching towards us like that snake; which is sure.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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