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Once the king of Devils named Bali started doing 'Yajnas', a work done with alters. He was doing a very big yajna in which he was donating things too. He was emperor of this earth, places below earth and the whole sky(Heaven) means he was emperor of all the three big places so called 'Trilok pati'. There was nothing where he was not reigning and all the gods were frightened of him. When the king of gods, Indra, prayed to Vishnu, a god who manages and operates the whole world, he took birth on the earth in the form of Vamanavtar. Vamanavtar is a birth of Vishnu from different births, other are in the form of Ram, Krishn and Narshimh etc.
He went to the place where Bali was busy in managing yajna and donating things. Guru of Bali, guru of Devils, Shukracharya had said to Bali that if anybody comes to you for charity in the form of brahmin, do not give any thing to him. But when bhagwan vishnu, in the form of Vamanavtar, appeared in front of him and asked to give him one blessing, he at once accepted and said that he could wish whatever he wanted. Listening this Vaman asked the land measured by four footsteps. He thought it very easy task and agreed. Now because Vaman was Vishnu, in real, he measured the whole sky(or Heaven) in one footstep, with second, he measured the whole place that was below earth and by third footstep he measured the whole earth and asked where he should put the fourth footstep. Bali told him to put the fourth footstep on his head. Acordingly Vaman did and by putting his foot on Bali's head he buried him towards the Patal(place below earth).
O dear readers! real meaning of this story that we find in Hindu mythology is very clear and praise worthy. When there become darkness at night on the half of earth and night(Bali) reigns on earth, sky and beneath earth, peoples(Indra) pray to god to get sun light. Sun is called Vaman. In sanskrit language Vaman means 'who vomits'. Here sun vomits rays full of light and heat. So it is called Vaman. In the morning its first ray 'Usha' goes to sky that takes away reign of darkness(Bali) from there. Second ray goes to the places below earth that remove darkness from there and third ray beam comes to earth to remove darkness from earth. And now his full light drive away the whole darkness and now sun becomes the emperor of whole world and darkness moves towards America (Patal Lok) forcefully.

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