Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to win

Today, I wanna introduce you about some facts given in 'Vidur Neeti', a book written by Mahatma Vidur who was youngest brother of Dhritrashtra who belonged to Mahabharat period.
Look at an stanza taken from Vidurneeti:
Abhivadansheelasya nit vriddhopsevina,
Chattvari tasya vardhyante ayurvidya yashobalam.
A person, who always bade good morning etc to old persons, who serves them, can gain his age, knowledge, fame and activeness. You may think how is it possible? But its true. Who touches the feet of old persons, gets knowledge, techniques of gaining physical health and praised by them and get techniques of gaining age, from them that is why this stanza is told by him. This stanza is like a trick, who do according to it, will surely get what it said.
In this book he also said how we can conquer hearts and get even physical victory on our friends, enemies and the persons who do not have any interest in us.
There are four things by which we can win the heart of others Sam(by praising), Dam(by money), Dand(by punishment) and Bhed(by seperating others). Suppose, we wanna have victory on our enemy, we should not say any abuse for him but we should praise his good qualities. We should give him gifts etc. directly or indirectly. When we get chance we should punish him and let him not increase his followers or well wishers by applying tricks so that all of them will not unite. Now if we want to win someone, we should use the trick Yan, Asan, Samashray, Sandhi, Dwatibhaw and vigraha. Yan meas we should win our enemy by attacking him at once if the whole environment is in our favour. Asan means, we should be silent if environment is not in our favour. We should have shelter under such a person who is more powerful than our enemy(Samashray). Sandhi means we should be united with our enemy and should make him friend whenever required. Dvaitibhav means we should make him friend but not a friend by heart and vigraha means we should break our friendship from our enemy whenever required or it is necessary to do so.
You can use these tricks to win anybody else. Now I am stopping my pen.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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  1. wow

    good idea to win opposit our enemy

  2. Interesting.

    Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita 10:38, "For those seeking victory, I'm Neethi (Justice)".

    But these can work only upto a point. Chanakya Neethi is also similar. The Britishers used the Divide and Rule policy against the Indians but Mahatma Gandhi united and brought them the freedom.

    I believe that the only way to win anyone is by losing. A boy can apply these tricks to get a girl to like him but she will love him only if he doesn't mind looking like a fool before her. The same applies to everything else. This is not a business strategy but a satisfaction of each other's needs. This is Yajna or Sacrifice.

    And if one is tired of winning and losing, please read this...

    "It is said that conciliation, inducements, punishment and sowing seeds of dissensions are the means of securing friends (or over-coming foes). But O father! be not angry. I know neither friends nor foes; and where no object is to be accomplished, the means of effecting it are superfluous. It were idle to talk of friend or foe in regard to Govinda, who is the supreme Self, who is the universe itself, as well as it's Lord, and who is identical with all beings." ~ Prahladha to Hiranyakashipu

    The above can be found in Sankaracharya's commentary on the Vishnu Sahasranama.

  3. Pleae note that when I said, 'But these can work only upto a point', I meant the Vidhura Neethi or Chanakya Neethi and not Neethi as such.