Monday, November 22, 2010

Lord Krishna

In this post I wanna discuss about the image of Lord Krishna, a well known character of Hindu mythology. I want to tell you about his reality. His well known image is quietly different from his reality which is known to the common world. Everybody know that he used to do ras leela with 16000 Gopies. In fact, a yogi can not be considered to be indulged in such kind of behavior. I am disclosing the actual fact, which is not clear to the common persons of the world. 'Gopi' means 'hidden'. This word is taken from Sanskrit because as we know the meaning of word 'gopniya' is 'secret task'. Dear friends! as the meanings of Vedic hymns are hidden to common persons, a hymn is called 'Gopi'. As he was a yogi he always used to think the meanings of Vedic hymns. Should we not think that he was a yogi, and he can not said to be a person, who was sensuous? Actually he used to think every time, meanings of vedic hymns and he always had fun with it. 16000 hymns were on tongue to him. 

This is my first post and I have introduced myself to you in it. In future, I oath that I will be in touch with you and will write about some more facts related to greatness of knowledge of our scholars.

Thank you
Anubhav Sharma



  1. Dear Mr.Sharma,

    I am writing to you to make a request of the copyright of the image of Lord Krishna. I will be using that image as a new website logo. That image will be a little edited and changed

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    Shreyansh Kumar
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  2. Hello Mr. Shreyansh
    How are you? I am happy to see that you are asking me for a copyright of the image. You are free to use this image as i have no copyright of it.

  3. dear mr. sharma,

    thanks for giving such a valuable info...
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  4. Dear Sharma,

    Iam searching same image for printing in large format.I could not find it, will appreciate your help.

    Jai shree Krishna
    Swapnil (Dubai)