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King Ravan

Ruling Kings of Lanka

Before king Ravan Maharaja Kubair was the king of Lanka, before Kubair it was Maharaja Mahidant, before Mahidant it was Maharaja Shiva. System of ruling was there before a lot time. When Ravan became king, the whole reign of King Raghu, Ravan seized. King Dashrath had a little reign of Ayodhya.

Ravan from Varun

Mandodari, daughter of Maharaj Mahidant was married with Maharaja Ravan. Name of Ravan’s childhood was Varun Because of being Brahmin and scholar of Vedas, kings helped him and after defeating Kubair he was made the king of Lanka. When Varun was elected as king of Lanka, all scholars together named himRavan. Ravan is called to a great charitable. According to grammar and meemansa Ravan is called to a wise and scientist. This is not an abuse. According to grammar and human society a great charitable is called Ravan.


In modern age, it is said, Ravan had ten heads. When Ram would cut them, the new one would appear. This is only a slander. Why Ravan is called Dashanan? Anan is the name of directions and these are – East, West, North and South, four directions of corners, upwards and downwards. These one are ten directions. Kind Ravan knew the whole science of these tens. He was Brahmin and great wise.

Nectar Well in Naval

Brahmchari Varun was courteous, recitor of Vedas, great scientist and was a great wise. His soul was pious. His heart became generous. With the help of theory of Ayurved, Varun knew the whole nerve science. Naval Chakra within human body has group of approximately two crores of veins. There is a vein named as Sushumna that starts from brain which meet to former part of Naval Chakra. The person who is of good thinking, who meditate for the supreme power and knows the naval, that knows several sciences by the science of nerve. A vein named Sudhit which is known as Bodhit too, that starts from Brahm hole, connects to naval. When there becomes full moon day and it matures with the all faces, the relation of Sudhit, through brain becomes with the moon. The light that it get by moon, the vein takes up.

Persons who know the science of nerves, know how the nectar is received from moon by Yoga. Likewise the nectar is matured and is collected to the place between the veins of naval. So what is the specialty in it? The life of human becomes strong by it and he moves beyond death. To him it clears up that his death will become after how much many years. His age becomes more because that happiness providing nectar is there in naval. So this one is called the nectar well in naval.


King Ravan got education of science from Maharishi Bharadwaj, Maharishi Sombhuk and Brahma Ji. Shiv Ji too was his teacher.

Bhavanand Arya


  1. I know just confirmed.. I m Right. He is also a Great leader... Thanks I think the story is change by peoples...

  2. Dear Gaurav Arya Ji, Thanks for complement. The story was changed by Jainis approximantely 2400 years ago in Original Granthas of Balmiki Ramayana. They took help of Indian Sanskrit Scholars- Swati, Renketu, Ramashankar and Chetang.