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Yogi, Scientist and Valiant : Hanuman

King Hanuman used to study on contraction so his contracting power had become very strong. I remember that in the age of Treta, according  to the contracting power, he used to perform research  to contract and expand his body. These movements of contraction are observed by Yoga practice. A man wonders having known to contraction act.

Hanuman was a great yogi, a great celibacy observer, a great critic, reasoning and minister of Maharaja Ram. He observed the great science of Sun, he observed every bit of that science. That science was on tongue to him. So it is apt to say Hanuman Ji gobbled up great virtues and science of Sun not the Sun. Hanuman covered up the ocean with the help of Yogic acts.

Maharaja Hanuman knew to join Udaan Praan, to Kurm and Krikal. By which method this body is made enlarged and minor (contracted). The nature has five types of motions - Contraction, expanding, Upward, downward and Movement. The yogi who knows these five may make his body enlarged and can make it contracted by contraction. Hanuman entered to the mouth of Sursa by contraction.

Hanuman Ji was a great scholar of learning of Sun. Once Ram asked Hanuman that 'I want to know how the sickness is cured by the rays of Sun? Hanuman said, 'The Sun has thousands of rays but main rays are only seven. Different types of colors such as white, green, red etc. the rays have. These five great elements are working in human body. When a man becomes sick, the flow of any element from these becomes less then. Which element become less in body, that one type of ray is used then. That ray makes effect on the sick limb and the sickness ends.

Man of Diplomacy

After winning  Lanka Vibhishan came to Ram and said, "O Bhagwan! You will go from here now. You will go from here now. You made a great kindness to me. Now take the food here in my kingdom. I came to invite you. Ram had wished it that we shall take but see! When Hanuman Ji went among them, he told we shall think on it. When said it, Ram did not pronounce his sentences further. In lonely place Ram told, "Why upi did it so?" He told, "Bhagwan! It is nationality. Do not accept it. Vibhishan will remain our friend. His master, the king of Lanka, Ravana is killed. The family is killed so Bhagwan! You should not accept this invitation. Ram accepted this sentence of him. Ram said, "O Laxman! Hanuman Ji is very wise, he is very skilful. So Vibhishan Ji came to Lanka and Ram came to his Ayodhya. Within the year, it is remembered to me, that he made him his chief minister. He distributed every type of designation to him.
So what is the conversation! World of modern age is of so peculiar kind that the wisest like Hanuman,who could wander on beaches of oceans with machines, who might might move to Sun with rays of Sun, who might move to moon with with light of Moon, who used to get energy from there. That servant of the god is ornamented with the designation of an animal. What a great game, with the dignitaries is it!

Flight of Stars and Planets

When Maharaja Hanuman and Ganesh Ji both reached to the gate of Rishi, they told to Rishi, only this one, "Maharaj! We want to become Yogi. We want to make research on learning of Sun." Maharaja Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji made a machine named 'Paduka' It was the virtue of that machine that they made vital air strength in it. He started his flight on earth and while moved forth they reached Mars when moving there scientists of Mars tried to owner this machine. Thence there lived a scientist named Swettaam Vriheenik in Mars. He wished to own that machine there and with a machine he attacked. so Hanuman Ji and Ganesh Ji both disappeared with the machine. Taking the machine they returned to Earth.
They having sat in the machine used to walk in 72 planets. Which type of description I may perform about those dignitaries who made research of their lives and tried to know scientific facts. I, many times described while saying 'Hanuman Ji never died.' Splendor of Hanumanji's body used to be so peculiar. Maharaja Ganesh Ji has made a machine named 'Chunget'. When he sat in the machine it used to revolve around this earth, to revolve round Mars and with the rays of Sun it would enter into the Sun.

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  1. Great informations ...while I can understand the first two paras, the last one of flight is something I still did not get it. Is there any detailed information on the flight of stars and planets you could share and with images ?
    Thank you!

  2. Yes Umamaheshwari Anandane Ji, I have more information on Hanuman Ji. I can tell you more about it. Thanks for Complements.