Monday, March 24, 2014

Divya Ram Katha : Hanumaan


Just on the day we want to make us learned in several types of learnings because on taking single one hymn from hymns of Vedas when a person recites as song, the human being becomes competent, successful as well as blessed. Hanuman Ji knew the song of Deepmalika (row of lamps). I (Shringi Rishi) have remembrance of the times. The Deepmalika has even been existed in the brains of Rishis and Munis. When having won Lanka, Ram reached to Ayodhya, Hanuman Ji sang it near Ram. When started the song of lamps (Deepak rag), a lot of lamps lit in Ayodhya itself. Then king Bharat came to know that Ram has reached to Ayodhya having won Lanka. Because this on is the song of Hanuman Ji and this light of Deepmalika is done by that one song. This one learning Adi Brahma too knew. This one learning his son Atharva too knew. When Atharva used to recite the song of this learning, lines of lamps used to be enlightened.

What is the light of Deepmalika? Deepmalika means if it becomes light of lamps by the voice of a person, is called Deepmalika. Being Yag in a temple is called Deepmalika. That peerless learning must be studied again. By this learning a human being become blessed and he/she then accepts that this learning he/she must have and thinks that his/her human life will become uplifted by this learning. See! this learning may not be obtained without penance. Hanuman Ji on performiong solitary waterless fast, on leaving food, studied this learning. He used to know several types of molecules and atoms in Learning of Sun. Taking it in mouth, becoming light of Deepmalika was a peerless learning of Hanuman. Rishis having this learning were a little. This learning needs penance. This learning is that one which enriches the human life. After attaining this learning where there Brahmchris, wises, dignitaries take birth? In Kajli forests. 
How much great misfortune a mother may have but See! That one mother gets pleasure who does not leave faith, belief. A person who is faithful is great only. Who has faith and after being faithful he becomes uplifted. A man/woman uses to indulge in such faith/belief. 

When the celibacy observer Hanuman became of the age 48 years, he married to the daughter of King Sugreev named Rohini. Maharaja Sugreev and Bali both were brothers. After that marriage, giving birth to a son (Makardhwaj) she died. After her death his subconscious said, "Now I shall not move to the naturalism, now I shall search for the science of the god."

When Maharaja Hanuman reached Lanka and he was destroying Ashok garden, at the time when Meghnad could not do anything special, he captured him in Brahmphans. Then Hanuman said that "I can not destroy Brahmphans because my boundaries may destroy then." In material science Brahmphans was an instrument but here in which Brahmphans Hanuman Ji was captured was Yagyopaveet (holy thread) only. He said that , "I can destroy it but my boundaries are not ordering it that I may end it. This is the sign of being Aryan." Aryan is the person who is pure and pious. Who protects his boundaries.


Bhavanand Arya



    God's credibility is not predicated by a vote of confidence by the majority. God does not need to have His truth validated by the masses. The Bible and the Bible alone is God's truth to mankind. No creed book, Bible commentary, nor congregational church vote is needed to affirm God's credibility.

    The entire population of the world disbelieved God when He told them is they ate from the tree in the middle of the garden or touched it, that they would die. (Genesis 3:4)

    Adam and Eve died even though the majority opinion was in their favor. God's truth was not voided because the total population of the world disbelieved it.

    Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.

    Jesus said he who has believed shall be saved. The vast majority of the world disbelieves that. The majority opinion does not invalidate the words of Jesus.

    Jesus said he who has been baptized shall be saved. The majority of the world believes water baptism is not essential in order for men to be saved. Majority opinion is not necessary to affirm, establish, or validate the words of Jesus Christ.

    God's credibility does not depend on the majority of the worlds population to confirm, validate, endorse, nor corroborate His truth.

    GOD'S WORD IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ALONE. The truth in the Bible is not subject to affirmation by a majority vote.


  2. Read about Jesus Christ, the son of God as defined in Bible. Thanx for commenting.