Thursday, May 26, 2011

About False Judgement

In Virochan-Sudhanva-Keshini context, King Prahlad, father of Virochan is warned about giving false judgement by Sudhanva which is found in third Chapter of famous book Vidur Neeti. Firstly I am telling you about losses of giving false judgement.
[Vidur Neeti : - Chapter (Adhyaya) - 3, Shlok 30-34]
Prahlad asked Sudhanva (a brahmin), "O Sudhanvan! I ask you what the condition of that ill-speaker becomes who do not speak truth and give false judgement?"
Sudhanva said:
The condition of the person/judge who gives false judgement at night becomes like the condition of a young lady whose husband marries another one, a gambler who has lost in gambling or a person whose body is warm because of carrying weight, the whole day.
Who gives false judgement meets a lot of enemies and after being captured in his own place, bears the sorrow of being hungry.
By telling a lie for animal, he sends his five generations towards hell; for cow, ten; for horse, hundred and telling lies for a human being he sends his one thousand generations towards Hell.
By telling lies for gold his past and future comes to an end means his past/future good actions does not give its desired fruit. And for land [Earth and Lady; lady is said land here becuase it is the cause of producing further generations as land produces plants etc.] he destroys everything of him. So do not tell a lie for land {Keshini}.
So we can guess the losses of telling lies. Specially for judges it is very harmful to give false judgements.
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Anubhav Sharma

Four parts of earnings

Once a wood cutter was passing through the forest singing loudly. At this, Narad Muni came to him and asked, "O wood cutter! Which type of pleasure you have within your heart that you are singing too loud?" The wood cutter replied that "I am very much happy because I use to divide my income, after selling the woods which I collect from the forest in four parts. First part I deposite for future, Second part I deposite for next lives, third I use in religious task from which I get pleasure and the remaining fourth I use for my family to which I find enough. This is the reason that I am too much happy. I find myself free of every type of debt."
Now Narad further asked "how is it possible that you are free of every type of anxiety through this type of distrubution of earning?"
The wood cutter replied that first part of earning I give to needy friends and relatives as debt to which I can get whenever more amount is required by me. The second part, I give to saints and devotees of god to which I will get in next births after death. It is a type of deposite which is returned back in next lives. The third part I use in religious tasks which give me pleasure a lot. Because money spent for the sake of god gives pleasure is well known truth. Now remaining money seems to me enough for the need of my family.
So O dear readers! we too should manage for expenditure of our earned money like this so that we may get pleasure everywhere.

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Anubhav Sharma

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

About Thinking

A strange fact is hidden behind thinking about someone. According to ancient rishis (these were highly illuminated yogis and spiritual scientists) when someone thinks with his mind, waves are generated by that thinking and these waves moves towards that person for whom he is thinking and it makes an effect on that person too.

Now I am taking an incident from my own life. It was the time before 10 or 11 days when I was dreaming early in the morning approximately at 4 o'clock. In the dream I saw an illuminated big spot that was inspiring me that I should go to meet Mr. Abhay Sir to whom I have not met for more than one and half year and met only once in the period of past three and half years. That spot seemed to me to have the order of god himself. Now when I awoke, in half sense to come to complete awakening position, I promised to go there and talk to him. Now after two days at night I phoned him at 8:45 p.m. When I was talking to him, he complained that I had not picked his phone before some days (before approx. 5 or more days). Actually my mobile is more than two years old and it sometimes automatically shuts down when anyone rings on it and then the information of even missed call disappears. So I told Abhay Sir, from whom I am in touch for 13 years that it is not possible that I had not picked but possibly because of fault of my mobile it might happen. He told me that strings of minds of him had met to mine when I told him about that dream.

Now I am coming to the point. When Abhay Sir thought about me and phoned me, some effect of his thinking about me attacked me on my sub-conscience silently. When I was dreaming, at that time, it became alive and that dream hinted me towards his need of talking to me.

Means, when we think about someone, some waves which are generated by vibration of mind move towards that particular person and make an effect certainly.

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Anubhav Sharma