Thursday, May 26, 2011

About False Judgement

In Virochan-Sudhanva-Keshini context, King Prahlad, father of Virochan is warned about giving false judgement by Sudhanva which is found in third Chapter of famous book Vidur Neeti. Firstly I am telling you about losses of giving false judgement.
[Vidur Neeti : - Chapter (Adhyaya) - 3, Shlok 30-34]
Prahlad asked Sudhanva (a brahmin), "O Sudhanvan! I ask you what the condition of that ill-speaker becomes who do not speak truth and give false judgement?"
Sudhanva said:
The condition of the person/judge who gives false judgement at night becomes like the condition of a young lady whose husband marries another one, a gambler who has lost in gambling or a person whose body is warm because of carrying weight, the whole day.
Who gives false judgement meets a lot of enemies and after being captured in his own place, bears the sorrow of being hungry.
By telling a lie for animal, he sends his five generations towards hell; for cow, ten; for horse, hundred and telling lies for a human being he sends his one thousand generations towards Hell.
By telling lies for gold his past and future comes to an end means his past/future good actions does not give its desired fruit. And for land [Earth and Lady; lady is said land here becuase it is the cause of producing further generations as land produces plants etc.] he destroys everything of him. So do not tell a lie for land {Keshini}.
So we can guess the losses of telling lies. Specially for judges it is very harmful to give false judgements.
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Anubhav Sharma

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