Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Strange Fast

In Gaupath Brahmin, brahmin of Atharv Veda, a strange method of fast is given that is able to fulfill our desire.
A person who is full of spiritual light, if starves for three days and night and at night, with his silent voice mutters om (main name of the god) with his mind(thinking power of brain, man) one thousand times after sitting on a kans ( a type of a long grass) mat facing east, gets his desire fulfilled. It's the effect of muttering the word 'om' which is the name of the god.
It's my own experience that our desire is fulfilled with this act. I once did it but not completely because I could not efford three days without any piece of food and I used to take milk and banana at noon everyday. My 50% desire was fulfilled.
Now you shall think how it is possible. But I believe upon it because veda is the voice of god himself and Rishi wrote it according to the rules of vedas and I have experienced it.
After describing this strange fast I am stopping my pen here.

Anubhav Sharma

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