Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mountains of Gold

Once a king with his courtiers was walking in his kingdom when he saw a naked saint near a river bank. He thought that there is no one that I ever saw, poor like him. so he decided to help him. He gave 10000 golden coins to his servants and said them to give it to that person for food, clothing and lodging.
His servants went to that person and said to him to take that gold.. The humble looking person replied, "Give it to any humble."
The servants at once returned back to the king and said to the king by their own-
"He is thinking that the amount is too less for him."
The king then gave them 50000 for him. The servants went there and said, "Take these coins now."
"Give it to any humble", he replied.
The servants returned and said to the king that he was thinking the coins very less and needed more.
The king then gave 100000, 500000, 1000000 and 10000000 golden coins respectively as to fulfill his need.
When the servants went to the person again with one crore/ten millions of golden coins and said, " O brother! please take this amount now."
He repeated the same, "O brothers! give it to any humble."
Now when servants returned to the king and said that he refused to take the amount and themself added that he needed more, it was the turn of the king to be surprised.
He went to his palace and from treasure he took thousand millions/one Arab golden coins and himself went to the saint and requested him, "O saint! please now accept this amount for your expense."
The saint replied with very polite voice-
"O king! I have many times told your servants to give the amount to any needy or humble. Have they not told it to you?"
Now by this refusal of taking too much large amount the king amazed. He asked the king, "I have not seen too much poor person like you ever. I feel that you need it hard."
"I have no need of it. I am not a humble person. I am king of kings."
In surprise, the king asked "If you are king of kings then wehre is your army?"
"I need no army because I have no enemy."
"If you are king of kings then where is your treasure? From where you arrange money when you need it?"
"Generally I have no need of money but when I need it I use to make mountains of gold."
The king at once believed the words of the saint and thought that he surely can make mountains of gold else who dare to deny this big amount of coins.
Now he returned to his palace and at night he could not sleep because he thought about golden mountains and that saint whole night. He planned to get a golden mountain built by the saint.
Early in the morning he reached the place of saint. He said to him, "O sage! Please get a golden mountain built for me."
"You have said that I am humble but you seems to me humble in place of me."
"Yes my lord! I am humble but please do it."
"OK. I will make a mountain of gold for you but you will have to come to me regularly."
Now o dear readers! he started coming to the sage everyday. He gave him teachings and educated him in yoga with the meditations etc.
After one year, when with the help of yoga he detected that he now has no personal desires and there is no fault in his subconsience now, he asked him, "Should I make a golden mountain now?"
Now the king replied at this, "No sir! The gold what I wanted, I got. There is no need of more gold for me now?"
So we should understand well that satisfaction is the main treasure.

Thanking You

Anubhav Sharma

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