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Angad and Jamvant

Specialist of Vital Air Learning: Angad

Hanuman was perfect in vital air learning but this one learning reached to Bali’s son, Angad. Ram said to Angad, “O Angad! Go to Ravan, there may be a little bit conciliation, his thoughts as well as ours may be united, Go and give him education.
When Angad reached to the assembly of Ravana, several scientists too were present there, King Ravan as well as all sons of him were present there. Ravan said, “Your welcome. How did you come here.”

Angad replied, “Prabhu! I came so that you as well as Ram may become united in thoughts. Here spreading of Vedic culture has an error. I came here to condemn that error. To establish character is the duty of a king. Your nation has become characterless. Your nation does not seem uplifted so I have come here today.”

Ravan said, “This one thought of yours is accurate but tell me what the lack is there in my nation?”

Now Angad said, “Your nation has a lack of character. When nation of a king does not has character, the culture starts disappearing. Culture must not be destroyed. The culture is to be uplifted. The culture says this one that character, behavior must be good, should be high. Daughters of all must be protected. This one is the method of nation of a king.”

Ravan asked, “IS there my nation has no science?”

Angad said, “O Ravan! Your nation does have science even but what will be there of science, some one is traveling to Mars but what will be there of Mars flight when there are blasts in your nation. O Ravan! You are traveling Sun. What will be there of that Sun flight when a daughter is not safe in your nation, What will be there of your nation?”

Ravan exclaimed, “What this you are muttering? You have left the custom of your father.”

Angad replied, “No. I have come here so that your nation and Ayodhya may become united.”

At this Ravan became silent. Narayantak said, “Bhagwan! It must be discussed, he is a messanger, what he says.

Angad said, “If you unite your thoughts with Ram, Ram will move back taking mother Sita.”

Ravan said, “What it are you pronouncing. I am not reckless.”

Angad spoke, “This one is the recklessness in the world. To catch other’s daughters is a great recklessness. This one is your recklessness that you become another effeminate. A king who insults any female, gets blasts in his nation.”

Ravan said that he is speaking bitter.

Angad said that “I am fixing an act of vital air in front of you. If there is upliftment of character, this one is my leg. If you move this Yog for a little time even, I shall take Ram back Ayodhya leaving mother Sita here.” This one was his act of vital air. He took all vital airs to the foot and by joining Udaan, Vyaan and Apaan with Nag, when all four joined and Pran also got its place, his body became expanded, his foot became expanded. There was no one strong in that royal assembly who might move away his foot for even a single bit of time. When Angad’s foot did not move for a single fraction, at that time Ravan himself arose, when he came to him, he said himself, “He is the king and it is not good to the foot be touched by a king.” He took back his foot and said, “O Ravan! It is useless to touch my feet. If you touch the feet of Ram, you may get welfare. Your thoughts will be united.”

Ravan moved back to his pace. Narayantak said, “O father! Whose army has specialists of Vital air learning like it we can’t win this one army. We know to take the vital air with science, but these one know to take their vital air to veins. Who know to take pranas to veins, O father, no one of the world may win that army.”

Scientist :  King Jamvant

Jamvant is called as a bear in modern age but he was a scientist. On the beach of ocean he used to construct a raised plateform by which plateform he fixed the machines in ocean so that he might know the substances of ocean. His machines were best. He made more machines too. He was a king. King Ravan had seized the reign of all these. Jamvant helped Ram in the battle. He donated Ram a machine that gobbled up poisonous atoms itself.

Bhavanand Arya ‘Anubhav’

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