Friday, November 18, 2011

Mahatma Buddha

Lord Buddha

Bhagwan! The age went on passing further. Several faults emerged in the society. After that the god sent some glorious ones. Approximately 2500 years before since today (6 March, 1969) when Mahatma Buddha came to an existence. He constructed well this world a bit. While travelling to other nations he said, "Ahimsa Parmodharmah". When Vaam Margis came to him for conference, they said, "O Brother! You give us the verification of Vedas, in which this context, misconduct and violence is referred. We shall never follow the Vedas." He did not fancy and left studying Vedas. In real, Mahatma Buddha was very grate, high philosopher and a King. He took Sanyaas (fourth part of Aryans' life) having left the designation of a King. having left his whole worldly prosperity, he jumped into this darkness (ignorant world). What did he do? He modified and created several nations. A little of Vedas he followed. When Mahatma Buddha died, then his followers, did not follow his very thoughts and teachings and started doing misconduct of several kinds. I (Mahanand Ji) respect all these great sages. But I don't respect them too because they did not come to their sight, the book of Vedas. But I respect them because they all were peculiar as well as great. His spoken words, at last, filled with hatred.

My (Shringi Rishi) brother [ Vidhaata] Mahanand Ji told that after Mahabharata the Age Kalyug started. Here a person named as Mahatmaa Buddha came and he is considered as incarnation of God too, who had not studied Vedas wholly. But he had a knowledge of 'Ahimsa Parmodharmah'. By taking it he conducted and made this world uplifted again. We should consider those great persons as great, which is the reality of them all. Those great souls have said it even, "This world is not constructed by god. This exists for infinite period." Then should we consider them incarnation? Should we consider them the God of us who could not understand well the highest form of god, who could not understand well the Creator? I am not saying that they could not understand anything. They observed a lot. I shall definitely say that they made their departure from this world after illuminating it. But I can not say that incarnation of the God took birth here in their form. Not a single great soul or Yogi can accept it.

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Anubhav Sharma

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