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India after Mahabharata

Vaam Margi (who were men of misconduct, wicked) Community

When communities started taking existence, a community named Vaam Margi came to an existence. What misconduct I (Mahanand Ji) have seen, I shall not describe, but it destroyed the learning and teachings of Vedas. A little translation of Vedas was done by them but the translation was inaccurate/misleading. So the atheism took place in the whole world. Some persons had said so, "Neither God (supreme power) has any existence, nor this learning of Vedas is created by him. Instead, this is a wicked-learning, great misconducting and devils have made this necromancy." So O Gurudev! When Vaam Margis said so, Learning of Vedas started disappearing from here. This community was very much misconductive. Because of misconduct, the ignorance spreaded here.

What has happened in that age? Gurudev! These Vam Margis did it when they would perform Yag, they would offer body parts of Goat in Ajaamedh Yag. Ajaa means goat. As you have told before, when they could not understand Ajaamedh Yag, what they did then? After taking a goat, they would recite vedic verses 'Chakshuste Shundhaami', which part name was recited, they would offer that particular organ of that goat and claimed it as Ajaamedh Yag. When Gaumedh Yag was described, they would offer organs of mother cow in the fire of alter. This opposite time came here. In which scientists as well as philosophers became too much faulty. Because of disappearance of Learning of Vedas the time period of fault took place. They could not understand Gaumedh Yag. Gau means the earth. To know about earth and the learning of earth is called Gaumedh Yag. Although it's meaning is Cow too. They understood this one, 'Give offering of meat of cow only then you should get the Yag be successful.'

Because of ignorance in further times, the method of Ashwamedh Yag too became inaccurate. This is defined in Vedas who performs Ashwamedh Yag if anyone captures that horse which was left by the king, he would fight with that one. After that victory, he got the authority to perform Ashwamedh Yag. They left that method of actions and O Gurudev! I have seen those Vam Margis 'Praah Gane te Achte!' See, their 'Ling Yajyate Mahaan Yajya Maanasya'. This misconduct and corruption started taking place. The atheism spreaded in whole society. They forgot the supreme power and said that the god is nothing.

After the age of Mahabharata, offerings of animals are found in Yag. There was a person named as Kantaketu, who was a Vaam Margi. Once he performed this Vajpayee Yag, and a cow was offered in this Yag. As a result the society became aesthetic, they lost their faith for Vedas and Hymns. So the Vaidic Literature came to an end (started disappearing).

Rulers of Pandav Dynasty

Here after Maharaja Yudhishthira, Abhimanyu's son Pareekshit became ruler. Pareekshit's son Janmejai and after that Mamanuk became king. Then Aamantari. After king Aamantari Vikram reigned. Then Shaminam and then the reign of Satkamaatur came to an existence. Then this dynasty ends here. And Jains' reign started here. The religion of Jains appeared.

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Anubhav Sharma

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