Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maharaja Harishchandra : DRK Part - 18

Maharaja Harishchandra

Maharaja Harishchandra was born as an ancestor of Maharaja Sagar. He was being seen a dream and a sage was present there and he asked him for donation for yajna. When having given that charity and having left that dream he came to the real world then he remarked, “I have donated this whole kingdom. I have made the whole wealth of it charity.” When a Brahmin, sage heard that, it is told that Maharaj Vishwamitra was about to be Jeevan Mukta (free from bondages of worldly body of 24 elements), he went to his door and said, “Give me donation.” He said, “Most lovely! You must be that one hermit, who was seen to me in dream. You are welcomed. Let me fulfill my desire of giving you charity.” The whole treasure of the kingdom he gave to the hermit. But one reasoning here arises that he is a king and he has no authority to donate the wealth of his people. See! The same rule is made here too that the kings are those ones who use to control their sense and working organs. They use to make research on their people too and what he had said from his mouth “Idam na mam (It is not mine), I shall not use this kingdom. This kingdom is not considered my duty”, He must become a great one.  Look! Harshchandra declares so. He leaves the desires of designations and gives it to others. So it is called charity. Look! King Harishchandra , ‘Brahmam Kala Vrittih Devah’ donated whole of himself to the sage by his very feeling ( sankalp). Having moved to other nations, he started eating the food, which he got by serving. O Children! This is called charity.

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Anubhav Sharma

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