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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 11

Continued . . . . (Kakbhushund and Lomash Muni)

Kakbhushund Ji was the son of Renketu Pravhan Rishi. Renketu Pravhan Rishi’s gotra was Angiras. When, in the lap of mother, he was getting protection, her mother used to educate him and said, “O baby! Such as this crow is great and believable, you should made yourself great and believable like it.” Similar as this crow when starts flying, he made a plane named ‘ Kagam Chathvetu Yantra’. This machine, when the bird crow was moving high with wind like speed, at that flight, he made that one. Inspiration of the bird and inspiration of his heart, when met there by this meeting, he made that instrument. He used to fly in the sky with that machine. So, this one, was Kakbhushund Ji. But in the modern age, he is known as a bird.

Kakbhushund Ji made a book named ‘Savita’. In which he introduced the methods of constructing several machines. He made the long tasks performed as penance for 12 years many times. By the order of Lomash Muni, Kakbhushund, after getting the parts of visiting Rishis introduced, made them encircled (Vritta).

Brahma of Ashwamedh Yag of Ravan
(By Mahanand JI)
I want to bring you back to the Age of Ram, for which my respected Gurudev uses to say. My respected gurudev introduced me that mother of Kakbhushund gave divine knowledge to all the three Brahmcharis while they would sit in a line. Modern world say that Kakbhushund was a bird. He was a crow. He was called Kakbhushund because he went to the shelter of Lomash Muni and conversation between these two would take place. I want to ask these innocent peoples, that there is a crow, and there is Maharishi Lomash, a great sage; is it possible that a crow and a Rishi may indulge in conversation like it? This is not a task to believe. Here a thought is considered, as my gurudev says – Kakbhushundi was a Rishi but modern age does not say him Rishi, they call him a bird. But my gurudev says that Lomash Muni and Kakbhushundi both got the Ashvamedh Yag of Ravan perfomed. Will that one, who performs Yagas, remain Kaga?

I asked a question from respectable Gurudev, “Bhagwan! Modern society says about Kakbhushund Ji that he was a bird, crow and Ram put his bow in his limbs. Till how much extent it is correct?” My respectable gurudev answered with firm decision that Kakbhushund Ji was a great person. He had mastered Learning of Pranas (Life-Winds). Once Rishivar Vashishtha and Mata Arundhati both went to him to learn this life-wind Learning. Kakbhushund gave life-wind learning to Mata Arundhati for six months. He taught this learning to Vashishtha and Vishwamitra too. He was too much known to this life-wind Learning, but modern man says that he was a crow. When they call crow, my soul used to be sad. O innocent creatures! You should accept your ancient scholars as they had to be. Then it will be your greatness and your truthfulness.

To be continued . . . .
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Anubhav Sharma

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