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Parents of Lord Ram : DRK Part 27

Parents of Lord Ram

Maharaja Dashrath

Having entered to the third step of his life span, Vanprastha, Maharaja Raghu, with the experience of his own reign, educated his son Aj. Dashrath was the son of Aj who educated him. After that, that education was given by Vashishtha too.

At the time of reign of Dashrath, a little lack was produced in this Raghukul Dynasty. Raghu's son was named Aj. Aj was also a little bit faulty. He had moved towards the sense of prosperity.

Three queens of Dashrath

Aj's son was named as Dashrath. He also moved towards to the sense of prosperity too much that he had three queens and was busy in these three ever. He could not think well where the boarder of his nation was. Ravan had possessed the whole empire of Raghu except a little of Ayodhya. King Dashrath was the king of a small region named as Ayodhya where Ravan could not make possession. So Mata Kaushalya needed to give birth to Lord Ram. Because Mata Kaushalya knew it well that her husband was intended towards prosperity and the nation must become uplifted. Vashishtha as well as Mata Arundhati too wanted it because reign of Ravan was not good. It had misconduct in excess. There was no matter of character in his reign.

According to our ancient tradition, doing three marriages is a type of sin. Lord Ram himself observed that "In our Raghukul Traditions from King Sagar this dynasty was acting smoothly. But in this dynasty Dashrath who was son of Aj, performed three marriages in the very desire of sons and moved towards inaccuracy." As a result king Ravan was about to spread his reign on the whole earth.

Mata Kaushalya


Name of Mata Kaushalya's Guru was Tatva Muni Maharaj. His age was 284 years. He was brahmchari since his birth. Once while studying philosophy, a thought came to Kaushalya's mind, "O Gurudev! I don't want to attend Grahsthya Ashram (means I don't want to marry ever.)" Rishi replied, "Daughter! As you wish." But when Kushalya studied more, once she reached to the door of Guru at night and while touched his feet, she said, "O Prabhu! It's my desire that I want to give birth to a great and highly uplifted baby from my womb."

Marriage to King Dashrath

It was the determination (sankalp) of Kaushalya that "she will born a baby who will flutter the flag of religion (good conduct etc.) in the whole world having killed all rascals/peoples of misconduct." This news became popular among Rishis and Munis and the topic of discussion too. Maharaja Ravan also came to know this one. So Ravan told the King of nation Kaushal, "Offer your daughter to me. Although I shall not marry with her but I shall put her in prison."  King of Kaushal gave her daughter, Kaushalya to Ravan and Ravan captured her in cages (machines) in a fort on an island among oceans.

King Dashrath also came to know this secret. So when he returning back with queen, Kaikeyi, having defeated King Kubair, then on the way, they reached to that fort among oceans with their vehicle. He brought that machine (cage) in which Kaushalya was imprisoned to his kingdom. Through this way she was set free from the prison of Ravan. After some period, Kaushalya was married with Dashrath and after the marriage she entered to the home. On the basis of tradition of Raghukul, she came to the national home.

In the Age of Treta when at the time of Dashrath this dynasty was about to end. When king Dashrath could not get child, though he performed three marriages, yet he could not get children. When no one born, he gathered the meeting of Rishis and Muinis and the meeting came to the decision and that was to perform 'Putreshti Yag'.

Next: Putreshti Yag (A sacrifice i.e. Yajna, for the desire of child)

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