Monday, November 7, 2011

Maharaja Shrutketu : DRK Part - 19

Maharaj Shrutketu

Once there was a king named as Shrutketu. He was grandfather of Maharaja Sukhmanjas. Name of his son was Sagar Ketu. One thought came to his mind and it was to perform Ashwamedh Yaga. Having decorated a horse with gold, he left in the nation and when it was left, no one caught it. So the king, while his people were collected, asked a question to them, "Is there anyone debtor of anyother?" The people replied, "Bhagwan! There is no debtor of any other." The king said to the people, "Do you perform Pitar Yag (for the desire of a son)?" The people replied, "Prabhu! Definitely it is performed." He told, "Do you perform Dev Yag (serving hermits/sages/parets)? Is agnihotra (yajna by herbs and butter) performed in every house or not?" The people said, "Bhagwan! When it is your order, it is your act too, your rules of nation are made so, then which people will be there who will not follow it?" The king fancied that no one is debtor in my kingdom. So he gathered his people and performed Ashwamedh Yag and with politeness he became a king who had won all the directions. But what was the rule of the king? 

Early in the morning before dawn (rising sun), having left his bed, after doing their regular tasks, both husband and wife used to perform Agnihotra, summoning gods, performing Devyag, contemplation of the God (supreme Power) and after that they performed other wordly actions. He had a little land in the courtyard of his house. He used to do farming for their eating. After that wandering in his kingdom to order those actions to the society and to perform the rules of society was his duty. 

Only the king who follows this type of rules and regulations can perform Ashwamedh Yag.

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Anubhav Sharma 

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