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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 14

(Especially Published for the people who use to offer the god(Allah), he-goats on the occasion of Iduzzuha. Those friends are required to have a special attention on this post of Divya Ram Katha)
Continued . . . (Maharishi Balmeeki)

I (Shringi Rishi) have described before too that these words are absolutely correct that Maharishi Balmeeki welcomed a Rishi having killed a calf of a cow but this world could not understand it well. All the people consider the meaning of it as it is seen. We should know it's philosophical truth. It is the custom in Vaidic Literature, to welcome a rishi with the recently killed calf. Cow is the name of soul. It's son like calf is mind (Thinking power of the brain). Mind (Calf) must be killed to welcome a rishi (divine sage). When this type of welcome is accustomed, love is felt there, pleasure is felt there and the conversation (interchange of thoughts) of science and knowledge will be there.

Maharishi Balmeeki made conversation with Maharishi Vashishtha how this mind may be a calf. Then it was critisized that calf of a cow is very active/playful. Similarly this mind is very playful. So this mind is compared to a calf. As a cow gives pleasure, it has milk, butter, pleasure is filled in her. Similarly this soul has knowledge, efforts, it has several families, so this soul is called 'Gau' (Cow).

Both of them made conversation. Maharishi Balmeeki remarked, 'Gau is the name of Moon too. Brightness of moon is very strange. It's light has 101 types of rays (Vyahrities). At what place they move, on what metals they move, make those metals lusturous. As the rays of Sun move to the gold, it make the gold, move to poison then make the poison. Similarly when the lusture of the moon moves, one of its lusturous ray is called 'Turid', it moves towards the metal of Gold deep down in the layer of earth and makes it cool. Sun rays give it warmth (brightness) and then this metal is improved. Similarly a ray named 'Sudhit' moves to the places from where, from Yajna, from rocks a metal precious than gold, is withdrawn. It moves in oceans, warmth (brightness) of the sun moves there, electricity too moves there, the water is available there. Mixture of all make the precious metal 'Bhushan' (jewel) for nations.
One luster is named as ‘Kudit’, it moves there where minerals are produced deep down in earth, metals that are used for vehicles and several other machines, may be developed after invention with its help. Similarly a ray named as ‘Kudit’ (its hindi pronunciation is different from previous one) that wanders in the space, it wanders in electricity, when it is mixed in space, physical scientists, by making machines drew away the particles from it. From it very-very small particles are produced (Maha anu, Trisrenu). The several machines are constructed by them. Name of moon is Gautam too, it gives us immortal materials. When we move to uterus of a mother, at lower place of mother there exists a vein named ‘Chadraketu’. Through this vein luster of moon moves to container of life-wind (Pranmaya Kosh). The part of life-wind that is given to baby, it is mixed with that part and the baby gets immortal material.

There used to be this kind of research, while Maharishi Balmeeki and Maharishi Vashishtha met. To whom modern people say that they would eat meat. The meat is taken by them whose intellect is wicked (Paamar). Meat eaters are called wicked because their wisdom is not like the wisdom of a Rishi but of the type Rajoguni (that indulges in only the brightness of wealth and Rule).

A human being should have think it that in this world, a man of misconduct may become a Rishi too such as Balmeeki. Similarly we must confirm it, that we should perform holy actions and let these type of actions be performed so that this nature may become our friend and it then will give us what our desire will be there. We must make our life according to the God (Supreme Power).

Modern society says that Rishis of past used to eat meat. But ‘Do not make this misunderstanding in your mind.’ Sages! By eating plant products and ‘Somrus’ our ancestors got the place of a Rishi. We should think about their life spans. We have the greatness of Rishi Balmeeki so. He prayed for words ‘Ram Rameti’ and let those living organisms make their shelter on his body. Only skeleton and the great Pranas(life-winds) remained. What a respect should be given to these Rishis?

to be continued. . . .
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