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Putreshti Yag : DRK Part 28

Putreshti Yag

Desire of King Dashrath

Br Krishn Dutt Ji (Soul of Shringi Rishi)
When king Dashrath could not have any child, once he reached to the door of Maharaishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj. Having finished morning Yag, both Mata Arundhati and Vashishtha Muni Maharaj were dictating speeches among brahmcharis. When the king reached near him, he said, "Say Rajan! Why is your arrival?" Dashrath said, "Prabhu! The nation of Ayodhya has been uplifted in past because of Rishis and Munis. When king Dileep did not have any child, there were Rishis who solved that problem and Raghu was born. Similarly Bhagwan! Now again this puzzle occurred. Let it be solved." Maharishi Vashishtha suggested, "Go. Make the Putreshti Yag performed by celibacy observer of 184 years, Brahmchari Maharishi Shringi. Then your dynasty may have existence further."

When the holy sacrifice was performed at the place of King Dashrath, all the three queens as well as king Dashrath made their stay on the floor with regular celibacy of one year.When the time of Yag came, Brahma (Cheif Priest) was required. It was told to Maharishi Vashishtha, "Prabhu! Now it is the time of Yag. Please start performing it." Then Rishi said, "I have no authority to perform this holy action of Yag which subject I don't know if I start Yag with that particular subject, it is not in my capacity." King asked, "What to do then Prabhu?" He said, "Shringa Brahmane Vaat Nah Dharmashcharatih Brahmhacharyah Vaso Naroti Brahmanami Apyaatam Kaditam Jati Ban Griti Aste". Rishi said, "O Rajan! Authority of performing that Yag is there of Maharishi Shringi. By any means bring him from forests of Kadli. Where his father has the desire to make him sober, this one great person should be called to perform this charming Yag." At that time king Dashrath as well as Rishis etc. brought that rishi from the dense forests. It is told that he was a attainer of celibacy with the age of 184 years.

To Get The Yag Performed Having Called Shringi Rishi

Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj went to dense forests and while wandering, he reached forests of Kajli. There he invited Shringi Rishi. According to the invitation, he reached to Ayodhya. After his arrival, the alter was constructed. Where Maharishi Vayu Muni Maharaj and Angiras etc. rishis were present. Shringi Ji made the methods of Yag and the Putreshti Yag was arranged. Different herbs and plant products being taken, the oblation material of Putreshti Yag was made. He made an offering food with different types of juices of trees and milk of cow. He made an alter. 'Yagam Bhutam Brahme Vrittam'. When the yag started it took some period. Because he was a Diving Brahmchari and only a Brahmchari can explain that Yag or can perform it. With the help of different plant products, he made oblation material and by that one, the Yag was fully completed.

I (Br. Krishn Dutt Ji in Trance, Shringi Rishi soul in Kalyug) had studied herbal science for approximately 84 years when I performed Putreshti Yag of Maharaja Dashrath. Only a great scholar of herbal science, has the authority to perform Putreshti Yag. Only scholar of herbal science knows well the sweetly smelt herbs, which one may cure which disease of nose, eyes as well as former portion of tongue. This one only a scholar of herbal science (Ayurveda) knows. This science is not so easy to which we can understand within only two days. Instead, it is a science for which we need a long research.

Maharaj Dashrath did not have any son. This Yag is remembered to me. Vashishtha Muni Maharaj requested it to Maharishi Shringi, that "O Maharaj! 'Putro Bhavantam Brahmah Bratam Devah' It is described in Vaidic verses that it need medicines, but the palace must be enlightened." At that time he requested Angira, "You know this type of verse. Please bring that medicine." That medicine (herb) was brought from Kadli-forests, pasted with mortar and similar woods were taken, similar oblation material was collected and for one year each, with celibacy see the God was contemplated.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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