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Mahaatma Shankaracharya

Mahaatma Shankaracharya

After the age of Mahabharata, the world was well mixed with waves of darkness (ignorance). That darkness took too much effect that it attempted to destroy the religion and humanity. There was no humanity and religion at that time. As a result it happened in past, on several occasions several great persons came here in that ignorance, and warned. After warning they inspired them and after inspiring they tried to bring them to the field of religion.

When misconduct started here then O Bhagwan! Approximately 2200 or a little more years passed when Mahatma Shankaracharya came here. When he was 12 years old, he told her mother that "I want to awake the peoples. This world seems to me full of darkness." Mahatma Shankaracharya was Kutli Muni Maharaj in his past birth. His soul took here birth. According to the rules of the god, these great souls, yogi souls use to come to this world and after reaching they use to get the people look after the religion in enough quantity successfully. His mother said, "O my son! It is so kind of you, as you have determined to follow these great thoughts. Explore these thoughts in front of the world so that this world may get rid of the ignorance." So O Gurudev! That Mahaatma Shankaracharya started constructing this world well. He made conferences with the followers of Mahaatma Buddha and Mahaatma Mahaaveer. He would make conference related to idolatry. He made a statement "If I get defeated in conference I will become a idolater, if not then I shall destroy and defile your idols." O Gurudev! I (Mahanand Ji) have seen Mahaatma Shankaracharya. He made conferences about soul and the god and when the opposes would be tired then with a short sword (Khanda) he would attack their idols and it were separated from its place. Mahaatma Shankaracharya did a remarkable welfare of the society. With the consideration of separation of soul and God he made the followers of Jain religion and Buddhists astonished. Once, having entered to society he recited Vedanta and having moved to the great depth of it he told, "The feeling of God and a soul seems alike." Yet he did not say that "The feelings are the same." As a baby of mother when stay in her womb he is not in front of her sight. Neither the mother sees him not this world. Similarly, we, souls when go to salvation then move to the womb of the god (Supreme power, par brahm), the characteristics of the god enter to our souls. At that time if we consider us 'Par Brahm' then there will be no loss. But in real we are not God at that time. We shall find (move the nearest) any one when we moves with the properties of that one and describe the incidents of his properties else we can never move towards him. Gurdev!  Shankaracharya gave the statements of these thoughts. Further while studying Upanishadas he said, "While we take the spiritual thoughts, it seems there is a high one, definitely, more than this soul." When Mahaatma Shankaracharya came to know the Learning of Vedas in this form, he made conferences to several religious groups and made the foundation of Learning of Vedas again. He agitated the Vedangaas, followed it and made the society great. He told the society "See, As you go to the places and temples of Jainis or Buddhists, do one thing, make your own temples and having sat in those peaceful places, make an attempt to know the god who is sitting in front of your soul and protecting you. Why are you going to the places of other religious groups?" This was an accurate statement, all accepted it.

In further times, Mahaatma Shankaracharya attempted to spread a culture in the society with his Yogic wisdom. But the contractors of religions of here, who understood well that 'their methods are about to come to an end', defiled and destroyed him.

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  1. Adi Guru SHANKRACHARYYA is the one who revived HINDUISM which was damaged by the philosophy of Budhism.But the revival so powerful that Hinduism came to take the form and shape as what is to day from whole India and neighbouring countries who adopted Budhism under the influence of Empror Ashok-the destroyer of Indian culture, vedic philosophy. We all are under debt to Adi Guru Shankracharyya for this great revival of our culture and philosophy.