Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caste System : The Beginning

Aryaavritt After The War of Mahabharat : Beginning of Caste

[Sermons given by Mahanand Ji ( A Jeevan Mukt Yogi Soul) on 'India after Mahabharat']

Guruji! After the battle of Mahabharata, you know, when Janmejai, son of Pareekshit, became king, he performed a 'Sarvaswa' Yag. The wealth whatever he had when offered. When O Gurdev! Maharaja Janmejai decided to offer, his whole wealth to Yag, this is found there, that without inviting ancient Brahmins, the Yag was performed. Maharishi Jaimini Muni was elected its Brahma (Cheif Priest) and being Brahma he completed that Yag. Maharaja Janmejai was present there with his wife. At the same time it happened, defining the incident of future, , Acharya Ji foretold, that his yag will not be successful. At the same place when a Brahmin smiled, Maharaja Janmejai's heart filled with the thought and that was 'He is smiling because of this unsuccessful result of Yag of mine.' So he separated his head from his abdomen with a weapon (Vajra) . See Gurudev! When he did such a task in the place of Yag, the Yag spoilt. When the Yag became spoilt, Brahmins left that Yag and said that they would not take wealth at any cost and would not be an observer of charity. When Maharaja Janmejai heard these statements, he came to know that his Guru had given him the hint in advance, but he had snatched the head of a Brahmin. He thought what was to do then. O Guruji! I have observed that he did not give money to them, the charity of lands was given and made them depart.

After that O Bhagwan! The period was going on passing. When ignorance occurred, Brahmins made Learning lesser and lesser. Because of less learning, the real learning of Kshatriyas was coming to an end. Learning of Vedas started disappearing. In further age, a lot of real Sanyasis (fourth part of man's life in Aryans) were there found though, the common people did not follow their teachings and the task of their own mind started performing. When the caste system began here, the persons according to their actions, acquired their caste names. Hate, among them took place. What Manu Maharaj has told, they did not perform that one. The kings became full of a lot of faults. The feelings of misconduct entered in them. A lot of women should live with them, it came to their mind. Education of ladies and their skills started disappearing. After that with the name of religion, a lot of groups took place. To whom, the other considered with hate, got a different group (religion) made.

Anubhav Sharma

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