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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 10

Continued. . . . (Kakbhushund and Lomash Muni)

They would discuss about divine knowledge. They took a molecule and would join it to another molecule. And used to compare and integrate it with spiritual science. They took the science of earth, and they analyzed with gravity and atomic principles and they moved deep down to this subject so much, that then they tried to integrate this science to the science of soul. After taking the molecules of water (or liquids) when they started analyzing, came to know the properties of Grand-element (Mahat Tatva). While they decided to analyze fire ingredients, then by taking ingredients (particles) of fire, and taking the streams of fire, they entered to a vast field.

Kakbhushund : Master of Ayurveda

It is so remembered to me (Br. Krishna Dutt Ji in Trance, Shringi Rishi), though the modern world is pronouncing differently, but I say that there was a great Rishi in Treta Age, existed to whom herbs used to decide and educate in dreams that – “Myself a medicine of that particular deficiency/disease.” After using that particular herb, a human being got the relief from his disease or disorder.

When Kakbhushund Ji came to Lord Ram, his age was 684 years and he had a deep insight of Ayurveda. When Lord Ram once asked him, “Maharaj! This is the science of Ayurveda, There is science of herbs. Have you got mastered it thoroughly?” Then he said, “O Ram! I have done researches on it for 400 years, but I can explain you properties of a little of herbs. This is so vast a science, that it converts our imaginations to reality. Because some have fire principle, some water, in some of them earth-metals are found in excess. What I have gained is a little. Its science is further more till infinity.” Look! A Rishi after indulging too much long in researches is saying these sentences.

Kakbhushund Ji has told so, “There are some elements found in the rays of the Sun. that purify the human bodies. There are some elements found in the shining of Moon that remove diseases of a human being. Science of a human being has been great in this world. There have been scientists who had done researches on almost every herb and every other subject. There are some rays of the Sun, some herbs’ (in particle forms) move with that. Some herbs move with the rays of the Moon. Because the whole liquor an taste is given to the earth by the moon. The moon makes a flow of flavors (juice) and the Sun makes a flow of light. That scatters the power of life-winds.

Modern man makes a noun of a bird to the Rishi like ‘Garud’. Kakbhushund is known as a bird that he is a crow. The crow flies high for that is a bird. So he has got the designation of ‘Kaga’. But where that philosophy and science has lost for what he always used to study? Kakbhushund ji had written a book. Before thousands of years (approximately 85 thousands years), in the age of Treta, he made that book. Name of that book was ‘Chandrayan Krit Pothi’.

Kakbhushund : A Scientist

He used to make research on the Moon and said that the moon takes light from the rays of the Sun. And that same light makes the moon ‘Krit’. Means all the faces of Moon are there because of this light. Because of its faces, the moon increases to second face, third face and at last full moon appeared. It remains in the shades of Stars. What quantity of rays move there, it grows more and more. He told this one sentence that the moon takes help from the Sun and Shani (Saturn) – Mandal has eighty five moons that lighten it. He introduces one more planet named Rohini Ketu Mandal, who is enlightened by seventy-two Suns (Stars). This he has described in ancient times.

To be continued . . . .

Anubhav Sharma

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