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Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 25

Continued.... (Maharaja Raghu)

When they spoke like it, King Raghu became silent. The king Raghu said, "Prabhu! Whichever thing you desire I shall definitely give." They told, "Prabhu! We have a desire, your life must move beyond death, we need this honorarium." The king asked, "How may my life become beyond death?" They replied, "In this body which is created by the god, five sense organs are constructed. All the works of these organs, such as work of eyes are to view, its work is sight and fire is called its god (giver) but not to consider it with narrowness, when we consider it fire itself, we move beyond death." They said, "Suppose there is voice, this voice, 'Antariksham Brahmaah Vrittam' the words (sound) comes from this space. When we considers us as sky, we may move beyond death." They said, "Such as our ears get words, it comes to us after moving from directions when we consider our ears as directions, every atom moves in directons, every atom conflicts and when it conflicts, the atomiculture converts to directions, when it is considered as directions, then our life converts to immortality and that we 'Brahman Vrittam' see we won the death. O Prabhu! We want, your voice must remain charmful, every type of charm it must have. Its leader is liquid. Liquid has every type of juice. When it is considered as liquid (or water), then where it moves gives life-wind. So O Rajan! when your voice shall become giver of life-winds, then consider, 'Brahmeh' see 'Rashtram Brahmah Vettam' it is our honorarium. Give every fault of your Indriyas (sense organs) to us, this one is our offering.

When they told it, the king Raghu being silent told her wife, "What to do now? What answer can I give to these prudents?" She said, "O Dev! You have to offer. But offer, what they wish." Raja Raghu said, "O Prabhu! I have decided that I shall take my life in Uttarayana (upward) for approximately six months in a year and at the same time I will continue to look after my nation too." Raja Raghu, having given this as honorarium said that "I shall make my life Uttarayana for six months. Uttarayana means to make the life enlightened. Such as summer salastice of the sun, when the sun rises, it gives light and energy. Similarly our Uttarayan means the knowledge and actions. With acitons we should have knowledge and by knowledge we should act. When my life will pass like it, I shall make my life Uttarayana." Brahmvettas accepted this honorarium and they said, "Thanks a lot."

Now Raja Raghu said these sentences, "Prabhu!  I have given you offerings, but what blessing would you like to give me?" Then the Rishis said, "Heart of ours are for the nation because all gods act in heart. Becuase light comes from eyes, the sight sense comes from it reaches to heart and tongue gives the sense of flavours that also lives in heart and sound comes from ears that also lives in heart. Love comes from air that lives in heart too. So heart may be considered as a great alter. We want to give you, this one alter of heart." My Children! When they recited these sentences, King Raghu became silent and touched the feet of Rishis and Munis. They all said, "Thanks Prabhu."

Similarly the king made his whole wealth, oblation material and offered it to the mouth of fire in alter. After this offering, the Yag became successful.

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