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Maharaja Dileep : DRK Part 22

Continued... (Maharaja Dileep)

In the act of Putreshti Yag, the herbs etc. (Oblation material) is collected for that particular purpose. In the oblation material all five parts of 'Putrada' tree, rice, grains (cereals) and other several herbs are mixed. So it gets the atoms entered to internal world, those atoms are made with it, by which the mother may achieve her target fully. That material was made. See after this performance of Putreshti Yag, just after nine months and nine days, Maharaja Raghu was born. How peculiar was Raghu? No need of its witness. He used to perform Yag with whole of the amount of his treasure. He donated Kauts having got the charity from Maharaja Kubair. What peculiar children take birth from mothers. It will not be glorious for me to give its witness.

In the grand fathers of Ram, Maharaja Dileep performed  Yag after penance. How much peculiar that penance was! He used to serve Kamdhenu Cow, Nandini and he did his penance in dense forests. While he followed the cow, he used to study and recite Gayatri verses. Through it he became so much powerful, when after passing 12 years he was following Nandini, from a mountain some waterfalls were flowing, seeing that sight, he was attracted to its beauty, now his mind moved towards it. Just then, Nandini was attacked by a lion who was there in the dense forest. She made a noise. His mind then moved towards her holy voice from that water fall. Then 'Singham Brahmah Hay Singham Lingam Brahmhe Vachak Prahah Rashtadak Praveedidam' at that time Maharaja Dileep requested him and told that - "O king lion! I want to know that I am here in your reign. This is your nation in which I have reached. But this Nandini is a cow, she is my adorable one because in which nation cows are worshipped (respected) the nation becomes holy itself. She is my adorable one. I worship her. O king lion! 'Kshama Pravham Vrihe' I want, that leave this adorable one of mine. This one must not be your prey." It is remembered to me (Shringi Rishi) when Maharaja Dileep requested like it, he indulged deeply with the request, the lion told with his loud voice, "O king! You are religious king. You are great and holy king. a 'Ahimsa Parmodharmi' (One who thinks that non violence is the supreme conduct) king. We move freely in your reign. No one else is there violent in you reign." At once he left Nandini and she came to Dileep. The lion said, "I shall not attack Nandini, in the reign of this type of king." This is the power of penance of non violence. When a person does penance, his spiritual power becomes so high that lion may leave his violence. Maharaja Dileep became very much happy and with that Nandini he moved towards his kingdom.

Shubhakeshwati, wife of Maharaja Dileep went to Acharya (teacher) for studying when that son was in progress in her womb. Children got progress at the place of Ayurvedacharyas (Masters of herbal sciences) as an ancient custom. Sages! Father could not be aware that mothers sent their children to Acharyas and their life, with penance they entered their houses. Sons! In Treta Age this type of education was continued to study.

When Maharaja Dileep  moves behind Kamdhenu to dense forests none of the people asks what it is happening. It is the order of Vashishtha, a divine sage. Becasue a link of this dynasty is to be made uplifted. Is that not religion (good conduct)? To protect a cow, an animal is the religon of a king even and when he leaves this religion the nation moves towards misconduct.

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Anubhav Sharma

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