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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 15

Ancestors of Lord Ram

Lord Manu

Adi Manu and the Construction of Nation:

A man who saves whom that one creature saves him. Once while describing ‘Ahimsa Parmo Dharmah’ (Non-violence is the supreme religion), I told that if we did not save anybody, no body would protect us in this world.  This life moves with nature and conscience. Actually when Maharaj Manu understood well that the religion was being attacked at several places, influence of devils was being increased and the gods (divine sages) had been minimized till zero. At that time he gathered Adi Rishis. In which Maharishi Vibhandak, Maharishi Para etc. were present. Maharaj Manu said to them, “I was studying Vedas today, there a beautiful description of a nation I read that there is a rule named as ‘Nation’.” With firm decision Maharishi Tatvvetta said to Rishis, “Bhagwan! It seems to me that Vedas had the methods of a Nation for that period when human beings leave their duties behind and become low standard. To save the religion a nation is made. Adi Brahma too have given this statement. In fact, we should construct a nation now.” At that time Manu told, “If I get a little help, I shall make the nation. This is my very desire. To end the devils. To end the misconduct of devils, it is quiet required to build a nation.”

System of Varnas (Tribes)

After taking the help of Rishis, Manu Maharaj, established the Varna System. When a brahmchari went to school for education the teacher used to treat him first, that for which Varna  that brahmchari(boy) or bramcharini(girl) might belong to. Suppose a son is wise, the designation of Brahmin was given to him. Whose intellect is sharp in the field of business – Vaishya and who used to be protector of others and used to be fond of weapons and archery was called Kshatriya by the Acharyas (teachers) and who was not able to get any of these three Learning was decorated by designation Shudra.
At first, Maharaj Manu made this nation. He was not of this age, but the age of very-very long ago. How much kind he was! Regularly he after taking a water-pot (kamandalu) used to go for bathing and meditation. Once after performing his regular activities, on a beach of a sea, he went to it to take water in his pot then a very beautiful little fish entered to it with fear and said to Manu, “Maharaj! Help me. I need protection.” Manu Maharaj brought that fish home contained within that pot. For a little period it remained in that Kamandalu (pot). After that he got a little pit constructed and put that fish to the water of that pit which was filled to it. Now the fish became bigger in it. When it got the full strength, it told, “Prabhu! I want to move to oceans now, to my own regions, where our species live.” It told Lord Manu some more words, “A disaster of flood will be there after some time. You should make a boat and I shall meet you in Himalaya caves. I shall have a little horn on my face, you may tie your boat to it then. The god shall help you.” The fish went to the ocean. Manu Maharaj made him busy in penance. After some period the flood came. Because of this flood, the world was alarmed. According to the words of the fish, Maharaj Manu got a beautiful boat constructed and sat in it with some Rishis. The flood was very heavy. When that boat reached to caves of Himalayas, he saw that the fish was already present there. The boat was fixed to that fish. Maharaj Manu and his relatives who were present there were saved. Now the flood came to an end and after some time dryness appeared again. Then Manu Maharaj returned to his own residence.

To be continued….

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Anubhav Sharma

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