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Jesus Christ (Eisa Maseeh)

Jesus Christ (Eisa Maseeh)

In further age several other faiths were arisen. Bhagwan! See jumped into this world a person named as Eisa Maseeh. He was born in outer nation. He, having come to here, the education, of herbal science he studied in Kaashi. While studying this Ayurveda he understood it well that the sight of eyes are helpful to know the science of body. Bhagwan! There was an Acharya (Teacher) named as Virandi, he got his education from him (Virandi). And being well versed in that Learning (Vidya) he left this India and moved towards his own nation. Having reached there, he dictated this Learning there and made a peculiar religion (doctrine). Bhagwan! He could not understand and know this Learning well yet through that much knowledge a great doctrine was constructed. What was the specialty of him? With the knowledge of Ayurveda Learning and with Yoga our sight may have the strength of removing sickness/diseases. So Bhagwan! When he got that strength, he became a great hermit. He made reformation of some persons there. But he too was murdered/assassinated by this cruel world. He too made society and having distributed the accurate education, he also departed from here. In further times his followers started misusing his preaching. O Bhagwan! They did not let his real image remain.

Mahaatma Eisa extended his culture with strength of character of his own. Mahaatma Eisa too extended his doctrine having got education from Indian Land. But the meaning of religion he did not fancy. I (Mahanand Ji) can pronounce it well that as the master of herbal science (Ayurveda) his scholastic capability was great and holy. His heart was very clean, calm, simple and holy.

While Yahoodis made Mahaatma Eisa destroyed, while moving to the mouth of death, he proclaimed, "You can destroy me, but my accurate splendour and self confidence you can not puncture."

(Note: See this speech is given by a Jeevan Mukta Yogi Soul, Mahanand Ji, a pupil of Shringi Rishi who has not taken birth since some lakh (1/10 million) years because of  observing Brahmcharya in his human birth so the incidents are seen by him himself that is why absolutely correct. You too can understand it well if you move to the field of Yoga else our intellect is not able to capture such a type of existence. I do believe that it is true.)

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Anubhav Sharma

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  1. Jesus Chritst came in a region of barbarians , Roman civilzation was just evolving . Through his miraculous powers, he influenced and convinced the population and they followed his teachings. Now, after Islam, he has the maximum following in the world especially in the western or so called developed world. Vatican is a city country with its own goverment and controlling a big population in the faith and teachings of Jesus.Though so many denominations have come up but all of them have faith in his teachings.