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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 16

Construction of Ayodhya

When Maharaj Manu thought that the rules of his nation were ready then, Rishis and Munis had made the rules of nations, then there was the need of a King and a region for that king. Sages! Lord Manu made Ayodhya puri (town) preferably. Similar was the construction as the supreme power has made a human body. That Ayodhya puri had nine gates as nine holes are considered in human body. The king rules in that puri just as god constructed this body like a nation. This body of ours is Ayodhya of nine holes. Two nostrils, two eyes, two ears, a mouth, organ of generation and anus; all these collectively are called holes which are nine in numbers. This one is called Ayodhya puri of nine gates. In it, Dashrath, who rules on all ten organs (five working and five sense organs), reigns here. And 'Rameti Raman Gachchhati Brahme' that one Ram is entered to every piece of it. By this diffusion the Ram Rameti i.e. supreme power is wandering everywhere and making the town of Ayodhya holy.

Maharaj Manu imagined this human body and after this particular imagination, according to materialistic (physical) science, he made the town Ayodhya. Now as preference, he constructed and united this nation, made the town Ayodhya that had nine gates and became the king of it himself. Now after this construction, he started ruling the nation. Why the nation was built? A nation that is built, all the rules of a nation is used to be for the protection of religion. And in which nation, religion is not protected that one shall definitely be destroyed itself tomorrow if not today.

Maharaj Manu made the method of nations, to which we should have in mind and should rule according to that one. That method is a general method and can be accepted by all. This Aryavart was religious one, till when that method was followed. All other kings used to follow the thoughts of this Aryavart (India at present).  Such as Maharaja Raghu, Maharaja Dileep, Maharaja Aj and after that Lord Ram reigned here. But Dashrath was that one, who had been moved to laziness and inaccuracy. Three wives of him were there. So, I donot honor him instead I honor Ram who made the nation 'Ram Rajya'. After destroying the methods of Ravana, he made his brother, Vibheeshan the king of Lanka.

Definitely Manu had constructed Ayodhya, which is called a place of eight Chakras (Rings) and nine gates (Ashta Chakra Nav Dwara Ayodhya Puri). When the nation came to an existance, a list of rules (orders) was made. The king ordered, "In every house of the nation smell of Ghee and herbs must be there. All the houses must be filled with the sound of vedic verses. So that the house may become uplifted. Look! Lord Manu told so. Vrittika Manu too told the same. See, Swayambhu Manu made these rules and the similar were made in forthcoming ages. So, what is the interchange of feelings going on? - "Every house must have the smells of smoke of Ghee and herbs and the smell of good and high thoughts. See, the houses are made uplifted when owner as well as owneress uses to study and teach Vedas. Phlosophies are studied and taught and human-philosopy is followed. When both act like it, the whole members of family whether in the form of sons or in daughters, follow their thoughts and their whole life according to those thoughts".

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Anubhav Sharma 

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