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Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 26

Continued.... (Maharaja Raghu)

Kauts and Vartentu both were as a pupil and a Guru. In Kauts' heart 'Gau Braheh Brahah' he told "Prabhu I want to give you honorarium." He asked, "What do you want to offer?" He said, "Prabhu! You made me scholar. You have made me wise and discrete. Prabhu! I want to offer you something." In a sense of a little anger he said, "Go. I need fourteen Lakh coins (1.4 million)." Brahmchari thougt a while, from where he could get it because he would have to give it to Acharya at any cost. 'Kausham Brahmah Krito Devah', Touching the feet of Vartentu, he said, "Prabhu! Let me go now." While wandering he reached Ayodhya. In Ayodhya king Raghu as well as his wife touched his feet and started welcoming him with the pots made of soil. Then Brahmchari said, "Prabhu! I am returning back from here." Touching the feet of him Raghu as well as his wife said, "Prabhu! Why is it so?" He told, "I will have to give my Guru honorarium and with your welcome I feel that my desire can not be fulfilled here."

Raja Raghu remarked, "No Bhagwan! You must sit here. We will try." He stayed there and contemplated himself.

At night, having gathered his commanders and nationalists, he said, "See, there is a religious puzzle arisen here and this problem is so. 'Brahmane Brahmeh'. O Prabhu! If a brahmchari would not fulfill his desire at my door, then it is the task of condemnation and disdain. Means it must be fulfilled." They said, "Bhagwan! Whatever will your order be, we shall act accordingly." He said, "We have to give fourteen Lakh coins to Brahmaachari. This army is made for the same purpose to fulfill the needs of nation." At that time all courtiers said, "O Prabhu! How can we get this much amount? Where should we go for it?" He said, "From the kingdom of Kubair." Some persons of secrecy department of Lanka, lived there. They moved at once from that place to Maharaja Kubair and said to him, "You will be attacked. Offer Raja Raghu the amount else he is intended to attack." This thing entered to Kubair's heart. He took chariots full of wealth and left for Ayodhya. Before the attack, early in the morning, Raghu got the coins. King Raghu cheered and by this pleasure 'Dhanyam Braheh' the whole nation thanked. When the amount was counted, it was a little more than fourteen Lakh. So, Brahmchari said now, "Bhagwan! I need only fourteen lakhs of coins." The King replied, "Rishivar Brahmchari! This remained amount I will not deposit in  my treasure. I can't enter it to my nation." He said, "Then O Prabhu! Give me only that much amount what I have to offer my respected Guru. I am not able to have this extra amount." Now the king and Brahmchari made conversation. But neither the king accepted it nor Brahmchari.

They invited Kubair. According to the invitation, when Kubair reached Raja Raghu, king Raghu requested, "Maharaj! The money of yours is a little bit extra than it was required. Bhagwan! Bring this amount to your own treasure back." Maharaj Kubair said, "Prabhu! It is not possible. The money that was brought here, is either yours or of Brahmchari. Now I have no authority of it." When Kubair said it "I have no authority of it now. I have offered it." Then the conflict of thoughts began between both of them. No one of them was ready to accept it. When Brahmchari was asked, he too was not ready to accept it.

He invited Vashishtha Muni Maharaj. When Rishi came in the form of Purohit (Chief Priest), he asked, "Prabhu! Distribute this remaining amount." Vashishtha asked, "What do you want?" The king said, "This one amount, no one is accepting. This one should not be deposited in my treasure. Brahmchari says what amount he needed has taken, can not take more than it. Kubair says what has given from his kingdom can not be taken back. So what is the solution now?" Maharaj Vashishtha said to Mata Arundhati, "Devi! Think about this one religious puzzle (unwanted sacred problem, Dharm Sankat)." They both thought. After thinking, he told, "Rajan! What ever cows you have in your nation, to the accounts of those cows, offer it. This money should be invested for the sake of those cows." Both Kubair and Raghu agreed to this statement and Brahmchari cheered up. Having taken fourteen lakh coins, Children! he left that place and reached to his Acharya (Vartentu Rishi).

Sages! Vartentu asked, " O Brahmchari! From where did you get it?" "O Prabhu! I have got these coins from King Raghu", he replied. He told the whole conflict as he felt. Vartentu said, "Brahmchari! This wealth that you brought for me, give it to king Kubair. You should know well, he will be attacked that is why with this fear he might offer you this amount." He said, "No adorable sir! This one he offered with pleasure." He said, "If he were offered with pleasure, then when he was informed by his detectives to give you money else he might be attacked. This money is not mine. Offer it to the mouth of fire again." Now Guru-pupil conversation took place. "Prabhu! Why did you say so?" He replied, "O Brahmchari! For your kind information, this type of money destroys the sense of reasoning of Rishis and Munis." When  Vartentu told it, Kauts wandered. Vartentu said, "O Brahmchari! When Kubair offered this amount, he gave it thinking that he might be attacked. With fear he offered this wealth. Suppose this wealth is of peoples. When the food purchased with this money, will enter to the hearts of Rishis and Munis and will make stamp on hearts, then golden, discrete and full of Learning life of them will come to an end." Kauts said, "Prabhu! Your statement is absolutely correct because philosophy and discretion say the same. Now O Bhagwan! What to do?" He replied, "For the sake of peoples, offer it to the fire of alter." They invited purohit (priest) etc. and with butter (ghee) and having collected oblation materials, it was offered to the mouth of fire. Yag was performed by that wealth. After performing Yag, thoughts contained in that money were destroyed by the fire and the holy and pure sound produced by Vedic Verses with sound of 'Swaaha', every current with staying on fire moved towards Dyau (illuminus planets) Lok. So this was the utilization of that wealth.

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