Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to test a truth or a lie?

Question: How can we test what is truth and what is lie? Because some person says that that particular thing is true and some another declares a lie to the same. What are the particular methods to decide the correct one?

Answer: There are only five methods to decide it-

1. By the god (supreme power), his properties-acts-nature and his Learning of Vedas.

2. With science of Universe (Rules of Nature)

3. Examining by eight evidences like appearance etc.

4. By principles, sermons (teachings), books and acts of hermits/scholars/sages.

5. Examining by witness-attitudes-curiosity-holiness-science of own soul

1. Examining with the god means that which properties of him like justice etc., action of making the world with out any favor, and truth, justice, kindness, benevolence etc. nature and by the teachings of Vedas which is decided as truth and religious, is called truth and religion (good conduct or to be followed). Which thing is decided as lies is lie and misconduct. Suppose any one says, that an action is performed without any fundamental reason and creator (agent) so should be known as bundle of lies. It is proved by it that an agent that created this universe is the god and his properties-actions-nature can be assured definitely by Vedas by the rules of nature.

2. Rules of nature (i.e. sequence of the Universe) means which is opposite to the properties-acts-nature of the universe should be decided as false and which is according to it is called truth. Such as some one says that there born a baby without mother and father, sight is because of ears, speech is because of eyes etc. or it happened in past. These words are false because they oppose the rules of universe and if says baby is because of parents, sight from eyes and listening from ears etc. so it’s correct.

3. Examining by eight evidences like Appearance etc. means which thing is found correct according to evidence of sight (Appearance) is true and if not found correct then it is false. Suppose some one asked what it is. The other told that it is earth so it's appearance is seen. Now by this appearance, the fundamental reason of it may be guessed so it is called 'Guess'. Such as some one said that a house can be constructed without its creator so we guess that this universe must be made by its creator i.e. god and we came to know that god is a great builder. This incident is 'Upmaan'(to be compared). Teachings of truth speaker, are 'Shabd'(words). Actions of ancient or past human beings and the story of universe are 'Etihya'(Historical). Having heard about a thing, the other will be clear without its reference, then it is 'Arthapatti'(like explanation). A work is guessed from its fundamental reason 'Sambhav'(possible) and if some one say to bring water, then the other thought to go to another place because the water was not available so it is 'Abhaav'(unavailable).

To these eight evidences, which does not oppose, is called true and which opposes is called false.

4. By examining acts and principles of hermits truth is measured. The persons who are truth speaker, truth actor, truth believer, favorless, beneficial to all, scholars and make attempts for the sake of all, are called hermits (sages). Which are according to orders, acts, books and principles of them are true otherwise false.

5. Examining by soul means which thing our soul needs for ourselves, should think for others too. And which thing it does not desire should not think for others too. Similar should be there in mind (thinking power of brain) as is in our soul. Similar should be in our actions as in our mind. And with this desire, pious feelings and learning, we should see what is true and what is false.

 By these five types of examinings,, teachers and taught as well as all others should decide true or false things and follow the religion (good conduct or to be followed) and let other follow it too. And with similar way misconduct should be left and have it left from others.


Anubhav Sharma

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