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Maharaja Dileep : DRK Part - 21

Maharaja Dileep
When Dileep could not get any child, he gathered Rishis and Munis and told, "Maharaj! Second marriage is a curse for me, it never happened in my family till now but it is my desire to perform a Putreshti Yag and then I will be able to get a child." At that time all the Rishis said in a voice, "Serve Nandini (a cow), do penance and say to your wife to do pranayaam (process of restraining breath). By integrating mind (thinking power of mind) to life-wind(prans) make your celebacy uplifted. Because period of twelve years may not finish easily." Devi (his wife) bowing her forehead said, "Prabhu! The same will happen." Her name was Shulakshana. It comes in Raghu Dynesty, that he earged her that a baby must be born. There is a pranayaam named 'Putranirtika'. In very very old times, at the residence of Maharaja Ashwapati, I (Shringi Rishi) taught this pranayaam to those daughters for 12 years. Name of a class mate of Maharaja Dileep's wife was Shakuntala. I made both of them practiced that you should think about everything of this world with the sense of mind and life-wind. They told, "Very Lovely." After it a tree named as 'Putrada', it's panchaang (eating material made by it's root, leaf, fruit, bark and stem material) was made. All the parts were taken in same quantity, and the fruit of peepal (fig) tree, milk of banyan tree were taken and after heating it in the fire, a mixed material was ready. She took that panchaang as her food of everyday. When it sometimes ended, a little food was given to her. In that food, rice with butter of cow, was given.

 For twelve years Maharaja Dileep continued to move behind Kamdhenu and that Devi, used to do pranayaam. By eating panchaang, she did pranayaam. Which pranayaam is named as 'putrada'? In padmasan as well as siddhasan early in the morning 'Khechri Mudra' is practised and 'Sankuchit' pranayaam is done. At noon, 'Chandravahini' pranaym is done. Integrating tongue and the roof of the mouth, when air is breathed in, only the particles of moon that moves in the air, moves in; any other particle can not come in.

There is a pranayaam named as 'Vayuketu'. Through it  only earthen particles move in . When with that pranayam 'Trivaan' particles of moon started coming in, then mother Sulakshana moved to the lap of the god (supreme power). She moved to the yard of the god. What was the target of them? 'This nation must progress smoothly and at the same time we must get the god.' They had both of the targets at the same time. Maharaja Dileep moved behind Kamdhenu Nandini. Where else Nandini moved, he followed her. This is history. I know where Dileep passed his time for 12 long years but this topic is very vast. I shall tell you about a day for each year then this description of Putreshti Yag will be finished. Recently, I am introducing you only. After that she ate panchaang of 'Putrada' tree for 12 years. When Dileep Ji came back to Ayodhya with Nandini, having gathered Rishis and Munis, he performed Putreshti Yag.

To be continued....
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