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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 9

Maharishi Bharadwaj

Bharadwajas were known in ancient periods as the designations. Who had been very skillful in knowledge and sciences, were decorated with this designation. Bharadwaj was considered a dynasty of these sages, who were delighted deep in knowledge and science. That dynasty was begun from the sons of ‘Brahma’. Related to it I (Shringi Rishi) have my memory alive that Atharva was son of Brahma. Atharva’s son was named Rohini Krithvachi. Name of Vachi’s son was Swatik and Swatik’s son was Gunovachketu. Dynasty of Atharva, after twenty one thousand years, converted to Vayu Gotra (family name). After nineteen thousand years, it was converted to Haridratta Gotra. When it continued for twenty thousand five hundred and five years, converted to Bharadwaj Gotra and after this conversion, this designation came to an existence. Bharadwaj was called that one, who used to be the master of sciences.

Dynasty of Bharadwaj came from Haridratta Gotra and Haridratta, from Daddada Gotra and Daddada from Vayu Rishi Gotra and Gotra of Vayu Rishi from Atharva. Or the gotra is originated from Hariketu Bhanu rishis. You were well known that divine sages used to be there as an ancient-custom, and they were scientists. Where they used to be master of Spritual Science, they had their moral duty to be most skillful in materialistic sciences too.

Materialistic Science: Science, that was related to bow-arrow, spears, Clubs, Sudarshan Chakras, Agneyastras, Varunastras, Pushpak Vimanas, Pashupatastra, Amrit Kund etc. like several war weapons and machines. [Such weapons too will be discussed in this story.]

[Actually this Ram Katha matches with Balmeeki Ramayana and based on ‘the Real Truth’. We have some doubts related to the characters of this period that is why it became must for me to translate this story in English so that everyone may understand the real dignity of our ancestors like Ram etc. This story is not a fiction but a real story of our past. And it must be included in our books of History so that we may have the proud to have too much great ancestors like these Rishis as well as Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman etc. Ram as well as Krishna is called Bhagwaan  but as I have mentioned in previous posts too that they were not Param Pita Parmatma (par Brahma, supreme power). In fact, they were rare persons of Uncommon skills even sine their very childhood (unbelievable!!!? Yet true.). Please do believe in me. U shall get the reasonable facts understandable by intellectual power easily, by all.]

Divine Sages – Kakbhushund and Lomash Muni

Brith of the Rishis:

To say Kakbhushund, a crow is even an ignorance, in modern age. It is the duty of human beings to throw away these wrong thoughts from their hearts. There may be a bird to which ‘Kaga’ (The Crow) is called but his life is remembered to me (Shringi Rishi) well.

There was a rishi named as Renketu. His gotra was Bharadwaj when the rule converted, he entered to Angiras Gotra. Once, he as well as his wife was filled with great and holy thoughts. Then he said to his wife, Rushenketu, “O Devi! We want to give birth to an observer of celibacy, a diving sage. We want to perform Yajna.” She said, “It’s very fine and lovely thought.” As my memory says, they performed a Putra Yaga and after that Yajna, her mother educated her baby with divine knowledge.

Cottage of Rishi Vaishampayan was quite near to them. Name of his wife was Shkuntaka. Shakuntketu too had decided that, “I want to give birth to a divine son.” From the womb of Shakuntka, the born baby was called Maharishi Lomash. From the womb of Rushenketu, it was named Kago Vashishtha. [Kaga means crow]. He was called Kakbhushundi too, as a pet. Both became, great sages by the education of their parents. After observing penance, the parents educated both of them with learning. When their mother feeded them milk, they used to educate them even in their very childhood.

Kakbhushundi (The Nominclature):

The mother used to make those babies (observers of celibacy, Brahmcharis) altogether, and used to say Kakbhushund,  ‘Kaga’ with love. Actually his name was ‘Sojni Brahmchari’ but in the very feeling of love she used to call him Kaga. Why did she call him Kaga? He had two more brothers, at childhood and he used to eat the whole food made for them even. When he used to eat the whole food, in access of pleasure and motherly love, she said, “You are Kaga. Your nature matches with Crow.” When his mother said so, his pet name became ‘Kaga’.

He was named as Bhushundi when Lomash Muni named him so. Kaga was the name given by his mother and he was called ‘Bhushundi’ by Lomash Muni. And how he used to call him so? When he (Kaga) studied in school, name of teacher of both of them was Acharya Shruti Rishi Maharaj. Before him, they both used to practice Yoga together with very love. They both did Yoga, made practice of Grammar, used to speak new words and sentences of Sanskrit and used to view the actual sight of God (Par Brahma); then he (Lomash) would say him (Kaga)  Bhushundi. Why was it so? Because at some bits of times, his intellect used to become ‘poor’. So with ecstasy of pleasure, he used to call him ‘Bhushundi’. This may be the reason why he is called a bird ‘Crow’ in modern age.

Education of Brahmvettas (Divine Sages):

When they were got entered to ‘Gurukul’, their main subject was ‘Vedas’. They were confident about divine knowledge. Kakbhushund Ji and Lomash both had the same Guru (Teacher). They both decided to leave their life-winds (pranas) for the sake of education of Vedas. [Means they wanted to learn it till the end of their lives.] When we shall about to depart from the world, after being divine, we shall leave our souls with Sankalp (a determination), from our bodies. We shall live for the sake of researches and question-answering related to Vedas. They were very serious about Brahm Vidya (divine knowledge) and used to devote themselves for only it.

To be continued . . . .
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Note: A special fact related to Bali (Offerings) will be published before Iduzzuha.

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