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Divya Ram Katha : Part - 8

Continued . . . . (Vashishtha)

Once Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj was there, present at his place (Asan), he told her wife Arundhati after just 12 years after marriage. When they both passed 12 years after marriage, and they attained the designation ‘Brahma’ , by studying divine knowledge, then mata Arundhati told him at night, “Prabhu! Pitar Yag ( A yajna for the fulfillment of desire of a son) too must be performed because it is very necessary.” Maharishi Vashistha muni told, “May your desire be fulfilled. As you need this pitar yag, you may perform. We must do it now because we both had been doing the penance for 15 years.” He told , “Devi! May your desire be fulfilled.” When they both performed Pitar Yag, a baby started to come an existence in the womb of mata Arundhati. After some period, Arundhati gave birth to a son. After, the baby is born, Vashishtha said to Mata Arundhati, “Devi! Our Pitar Yag is finished now. Let us make ourself God now. How shall we become gods(givers, divine soul)? We should think upon it.

Mother Arundhati said, “Bhagwan! We will become god definitely.” What a high feeling it is! What a great determination of a couple it is! They both became determinative and they both were educating the child. They are educating their son for being a god like. They themselves are moving high in their actions and thoughts for being gods. On full moon day, they used to drink ‘Somras’ by the rays of the moon with the help of Yoga. Mother Arundhati determined to go to Aruni-planet and Vashishtha to Vashishtha-planet. When that time period comes to my(Shringi rishi) memory, my heart becomes full with pleasure. What a great aim of meditation (sadhna) that was. They did not drink milk for 12 years. They used to take five-things (leave, stem material, fruit or flower, root and bark) of banyan tree, ‘Jar’, ‘Shami’ and ‘Palash’ trees. After collecting several medicines ( of Ayurved), they took medicines named as ‘Nakshatra’. When 12 years passed with the same actions, their brain (decision making powers) became pious and pure. They both wrote books after being great sages. They both reached to a height in a different learnings (Vidyas). Reached themselves to several planets and stars. When they used to see a particular planet, another one used to see after that one. When they knew about second planet, the third galaxy came to their sight. When one is covered the other galaxy came to their sight. They saw a lot of galaxies. Because of their penance, they made their vital energy uplifted and ate ayurvedic medicines regularly. Maharaj Indra (here the reference is related to Supreme Power) gave them Kamdhenu, they used to take its milk. State of mind (thinking capacity) became uplifted with the help of pranas (life winds).

Vashishtha Muni Maharaj is called divine sage. After giving birth to two sons, he told his wife Arundhati, “We have to give birtth to only three children.” So in his life, Arundhati and Vashishtha indulged in sexual intercourse only for three times and even three sons were born. After that he attained celibacy and was called ‘Suparjanya Brahmchari’. This type of observer of chastity (Brahmachari) is called Indra. To them divine sage was called.

Sages! Maharaj Vashishtha had told, “A mother must make her child holy, according to the teachings of Vedas. Daughters or sons who take birth from her womb, must be made pious. She must enter those feelings to their sub conscience, so that their life may become full of light of knowledge like Sun.

Mother Arundhati and Vashishtha Muni Maharaj, when did penance in dense forests, full of wild animals, then they used to take juice of plants. They knew about the properties of plants. They used those plants and at evening, they used to take fresh air, so that, the life wind of the body may strengthen and their penance took place with greatness.

Sense of designation is so, that, when a prudent is selected after examining, he must be known to rita-sata (Properties of God – True Rules of Nature), he should not have anger even in his mind (thinking); at that time he is called divine sage. To whom a person may say, that he is a brahmvetta. He is honored and acceptable by all wise and Brahmins. Similarly, being full of Vedic knowledge of all four Vedas and having known to all methods of actions and construction which are defined in Vedas; because of the property of construction, the designation ‘Brahma’ is given.

I have well memory of that period, In our vaidic literature, Vashishtha is a designation. His wife was called Arundhati. All the kings in RaghuVansa, like Sagar and Harshchandra and others like Bhagirath etc., they all have their Rajpurohit named as Vashishtha. This is also a custom here in Aryavarta (At present, India), which was continued since the time of Manu Mahara and Vashishtha was called that Rishi who is divine sage. Who liked peace, who is without the state of mind – proud and insult. Such as the Supreme Power (Param Pita Parmatma, Par Brahma) does not have proud-insults because he has no body. So he does not have the knowledge of insult or proud. Similarly, those divine sages do not know proud and insults and remained same in both the states. Until they became without insult-proud, Rishis did not gave them this designation. So Vashishtha Muni used to be, without insuts and proudy feelings means they used to be same in both conditions.

To be continued . . . .

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Anubhav Sharma

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