Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Divya Ram Katha : Part - 3

Once, the great king Shiva danced in his own classical orders (tandav nritya). When goddess Parvati and Maharaj Shiva both danced, different sweet sounds remain produced. This thought existed in ancient times. Different vaidic hymns comes in vedas related to Shiva. 'Shivah sundaram bravhe kritavah pravaham Brahe'. This Shiv has existance in vaidic literature with a lot of synonyms. Shiv is a name of a king. Shiv is too name of the supreme power means om(param pita, par brahm). Shiv is a person too that has mastered vital energy. Whose determination is firm. Whose determination is great, is called shiv. In our vaidic literature, different synonyms are described for Shiv. Sun is also called Shiv who gives light. Now the context is related to a king how he is called Shiv.
In our vaidic literature where Shiv is described, where the students (observer of celibacy) are taken oath - shiv sankalp(firm divine determination) and the tachers say "O brahmcharis! you must be a person of shiv determination." The thought is that which type of determination is of Shiv, the shiv is called to have divine determination. In this world different conversations are made but the main thought is that Shiv is the name of a king. And that king is called Shiva, who is the king of Himalayas. He is great, he is super. Similarly when a king makes his peoples of firm devine determination and says "O people! let us become of firm determination." The people must be of too high thoughts as to whom we may call "Kailash" and then we may sing that Shiv is a king and whose peoples have a flame of greatness continuously lighten. As Himalayas are high, we can compare a higher thinking person to Himalaya.
So the thought is continued to come us that the king where the people are high thinkers and have a flame of high thinking, is called Shiva. Those people must be, like Himalayas, higher in their thoughts for he moves high because of it.
Here, in literature, where a king gets designation of Shiv, the god(supreme power) is also called with this name. He must lead the peole and must have mastered vaidic hymns and where every people has the flame of high feelings. The person who is leader of them is called Shiva. Here, in our literature Shiva is called firm devine determinative.

to be continued . . . .
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Anubhav Sharma

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