Saturday, October 22, 2011


It is said that Sacrifice(Yajna) is the supermost action of the world. We should accept Ashtanga Yoga to improve the condition of the world with that of ourselves. To save our country and the whole environment we should perform yajna too with the 'Gaughrit' .Actually Gaughrit has a metal 'Gold' within it, it is the miracle of God or you may say of nature; and of our Gau Mata. It is necessary to save our country with this only action i.e. Yajna.
I want to move your attention to Rama and Krishna, they are not forgettable till the end of this world. They were so great a person that the world call them 'Bhagwan' or Lord. But actually they were not The Supreme Power, The God, The Par Brahm. The supreme power is quite different. One more fact about Lord Krishna Ji that he married with his only wife Rukmini at the age of 32 years and after that he took the oath of Brihmcharya for 12 more years and then they both gave birth to 'Pradyumn' like son. At that time age of his body was more than 48 years. This is fact.
Both of these used to do Yajna with Gaughrit. That's why they got the fame in every field. You should know that they both were scientists. At that time science was quite developed. It was at the higer level than it is found now, in modern age. Quite unbelievable but true.
I too use to get inspirations from God with this behavior of doing Yajna and Yoga at the time of meditation. And in fact I am a truth speaker. I myself believe that this is true and I have proof for it. Meet me if anybody else has any doubt.

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Anubhav Sharma

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