Thursday, October 27, 2011

Divya Ram Katha : Part - 5

True fact for the sacrifice of body by Sati in Yajna of Daksha:

Mahananad Ji: Adorable Sir! It is heard by me that Sati, wife of Shiva left last her breath there. Did it happen?
Shringi Rishi: It may happen but I don’t know anything about that she had done suicide.
Mahanand Ji: Sir! I have heard it that when Sati reached to Daksha’s yajna without the permission of her husband and did not view worship for Lord Shiva, she took sucide with her body thrown in the flame of yajna. Till how much extent it is correct?
Shringi Rishi: Beta! That yug was not of wicked. These incidents happens at the time of mischievous persons. Actually we have many synonyms for Shiva. Because the god (supreme power) too have this name Shiva. Name of king is too Shiva. When Sati, daughter of a king went to that king, then there should be no need to worship his husband( a king, Shiva). At that place the context may be related to conqueror. No context for worshipping a king. Does it not happen that a king performs Ashwamedh Yagya? Then, make him conquer with the help of knowledge or inviting him by heart well or by fighting with him and then become conqueror. After being won, he has authority to perform that yajna. Because the peoples that lives in the reign of the king, the whole prosperity of animals – both may have the peace, the king performs yajna for that purpose.
Mahanand Ji: O sir! Should we accept their thoughts a lie then?
Shringi Rishi: Dear son! I am not telling that you should speak lies but generally it did not happen according to my sight that she sacrificed herself in that yajna. This context of sacrificing body in yajna is not acceptable because it is called violence and after reaching to any body’s yajna, to give up her body is not an intellectual behavior, after moving to insult. So according to me this incident is not acceptable. But these are acceptable sentences that Shiva ordered her not to go to Maharaja Daksha. She disobeyed him and told that she would definitely go because he was her father. He advised her not to enter any body else’s house without invitation. When Shiva said it, she did not accept it and she moved to her father’s palace and saw the whole yajna. No context related to god’s(deity’s) worship was considered then because gods are not kings. Gods are those who gives. Such as, who are wise may be called gods. All our ancestors, Yogis, Saints, Philosophers and scientists are gods. Because they are saver of celibacy. Non living gods are – Sun, Moon etc. These are called gods, but here no context related to whrshipping these gods. As Shiva is name of supreme power (parmatma, par brahm), he too is a god. But definition of god is that who ( or which) praise our properties with widespread (general) thinkings, all those are called gods. But this is the narration of wickeds that a goddess ends that yajna. This is not found in any practice or method or literature of my times. Only this is found that she reached to Himachal, she was his daughter she got respect at that yajna too but, because, about Shiva, nothing was asked that is why she felt her insulted. With that insult she returned to her Ashram. It comes in the literature. But it is not found  that she sacrificed herself to yajna because of that insult. As you say that Shiva took her and moved on the whole earth everywhere, it is not so. This is the work of mischievous persons not of scholars and great persons.
Mahanand Ji: So o guruji! In modern age, this incident is considered so, at some places that at what places she entered in fire, organs of Devi(Goddess) moved away and the worship of her is accustomed at that place for it in modern times, is not correct?
Shringi Rishi: Let it be O son! But it is not so because goddess(Devi) is the name of nature. What nature a person has, that atmosphere is made there. And the methods of teachers according to it. Similar methods of adoration start there. And if the method has no blind faith(Custom), that worshipping method becomes ‘the True’. But if blind faith(custom) comes to that method, it is harmful to the whole world.

To be continued . . . .

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Anubhav Sharma

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