Sunday, October 30, 2011

Divya Ram Katha : Part - 7

. . . . Continued (Vashishtha)

Maharishi Vashishtha used to give teachings, on different occasions to Raja Dashrath and used to say, “O Rajan! At present, culture of your kingdom must remain the same and it may happen only when every organ as well as heart of you will be filled with high vedic culture.” Sages! After taking Vanprasth Ashram, Maharaj Raghu educated his son, Aj, with the experience of nation that he had. Son of Aj was Dashrath, he educated Dashrath. Maharishi Vashishtha too gave that education to the kings. At present, brahmins, wise and philosophers must say to the ruler (ruling parties), who are doing misconduct, “ This culture is not of any positive influence and of no use, make the foundation of Vaidic Culture as well as customs of Rishis that is valuable and for the sake of our nation because the people can make themselves high (uplifted)  under such feelings.”
Where the purohits like Vashishtha were found and used to make the customs and dynasty holy, used to enforce those feelings to the kings, by which kingdoms were made sublime, by which the whole nation performed yajnas (or selfless actions for the sake of others), by which the nation won their enemies. O God! Make this place like that and send the persons like Vashishtha here and if a king (ruler or the head of ruling party)  is found, he must be like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama or Dashratha and if any Brahmin takes birth, he must be like Vashishtha and Vishvamitra etc.

Kamdhenu Gau(A cow that fulfills all desires):

Maharishis have told, “Maharaja Indra has kamdhenu Gau (A cow that fulfills all the desires) in Indra Lok (place, where Indra reigns).” When Vashishtha Muni Maharaj and Arundhati both prayed for it, Indra gave that cow to them. We should think about what type of Kamdhenu, is there in Indra Lok? We are not able to understand the secret words of Vedas in modern times. When a person comes to the world, he comes to get that Kamdhenu Gau, by which the human life is blessed. Sages! What is Kamdhenu? This Saraswati (Learning, Vaidic Education) is itself Kamdhenu. Kamdhenu is the name of Gayatri (Gayatri is that vaidic hymn which is recited, means all hymns of Vedas are Gayatri) itself. When, having reached to this world, a human being bears the liquid of immortality, he drinks the milk of that Gayatri, only then he is blessed in real. When crores ( ten millions) of Gayatri are recited, he gets that immortal flow in it. Similarly Maharaj Vashishtha and Arundhati had a great Kamdhenu, whatever thing they needed, used to get from her. The same desire was fulfilled at once. The gods that live in the nation of Raja Indra, eat the materials received from Kamdhenu and make their life sweet and after making their life high, they reach to immortal planets.
On the door of Maharishi Vashishtha, there was Kamdhenu Gau, whose milk he used to drink. Meaning of Kamdhenu is, that fulfills all the desires. What type of cow it was? Cow is the name of Learning, cow is name of an animal too. But that particular cow, he got from Indra by Devotion and by being near to god Indra (Supreme Power), he received a cow that fulfilled all desires of his mind (man, thinking power of brain). That learning is called ‘Learning of Yoga’. This is Kamdhenu. In ancient time, when Shringi Rishi used to say to Vashishtha, “Maharaj! Let me explain about Kamdhenu.” Then he answered that, “Kamdhenu is received from Indra, it is the property of gods, gods use to take its milk. The gods receive the Kamdhenu from the door of Indra.” Maharishi Vashishtha had not told a lie for ninety four years. Maharishi Vashishtha used to meditate (think deeply and systematically) about supreme power. When he was about to get the designation of Vashishtha, then he let not become away every bead of his breath from the thread of ‘ohm’ for 12 years. It was the practice of 12 years, he became divine sage. Vishwamitra, being maintained vaidic verses with him, having left his kingdom, tried to thread a needle of ‘ohm’ to his life wind (prana). Entered his mind (thinking power) into pranas, as a result, he became a sage. He became a sage that is why Vashistha said, “O Devi! This light of moon is a little one. This light is nothing before the penance of Vishwamitra. Maharishi Vishvamitra has done too much penance, that if a thousands of moons give light together, will not be able to cover his penance.” Vishwamitra was a sage but he lacked the politeness. There is god (supreme power, par brahm, param atma) in politeness. There is gods (givers) in politeness. Politeness is even the divine duty of human being. When he deserved politness, he became Brahmarishi.

To be continued. . . .

Anubhav Sharma


  1. kindly say about Shanta
    sister of bhagvan Ram

  2. Namaskar
    Shanta is a character which is not find anywhere in Valmiki's Ramayan. It is not a proved character. That's why Mr. Sharma is not saying anything about Shanta. Our guruji Maharishi Shrigi never tell about her. That means if she is a true character of Ramayan she is not an important one. I read this character in Jayashankar Prasad's books cause i am a student of Hindi. If there is an evidence in any book please tell we will take a look on that.