Monday, October 24, 2011

Divya Ram Katha - Part 1


(Divya Ram Katha)
Designations in ancient times
(Introduction to ancient Gods and Rishis)

It comes under Vaidic Literature that this world is decorated with designations – ‘Brahmane Vrittam Devatvam Brahmah Upadhyastute’. As, Indra is a designation; Shiv is also a designation; Brahma too is a designation and Vishnu is also a designation. And in Rishis, Vashishtha, Jamadagni and Atri all are designations.
Here, when Rishis start writing something, the voice is called Atri. This name is decorated with a designation. That person is called Atri, who uses his voice a lot and with that principle he recites the sentences or moves to the deep oceans of the supreme power and himself become an ocean and then recites with his voice, then he is called ‘Atri’. ‘Vishvamitra’ is also a designation here, in vaidic literature. ‘Dadhichi’ too is a designation. Dadhichi has a lot of synonyms(meanings) here in this literature. The designations that comes under vaidic literature, when we accept them on the basis of their properties or we search for their properties, then these designations move to our thought peculiarly.
Here the ‘Indra’ is found, who performs one hundred and one sacrifices named as Ashwamedh Yagya, is made ‘Indra’. As a custom of our vaidic culture, why he gets that designation? For, Indra is called that person, who wins all the kings with his knowledge, greatness, braveness and novelty.
With the help of knowledge, learnings, machines, fighting or with any other means, when he made triumph on them, he gets the authority to perform ‘Ashwamedh Yagya’. When he performs 101 Ashwamedh Yajnas, he gets the degree of ‘Indra’.

to be continued . . . .

Anubhav Sharma

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