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Mother Madalsa : Part - 1

Mother Madalsa : 1
As I have promised you in the beginning, I am introducing you one great daughter of Aaryavart(Bharat, India) named as Madalsa.
She was studying in the Ashram of a Rishi when she said to her guru, “Gurudev! I do not want to enter Grahastha Ashram (married life) ever.” By nature Rishis use to be very polite so he said, “Daughter! As you wish.”
After some years when she became young she again requested her guru after studying about a chapter of Veda which was related to birth of great sons, “O Gurudev! I wish that I shall enter Grahastha Ashram to give birth to great babies.” Rishi replied, “As you wish daughter!”
Once a prince of Manu Dynasty, came to this Ashram when he was wandering in the forests. The prince saw Madalsa and he thought about her that  a Devi of this kind must be there in his kingdom as his wife. He, at once reached to the Rishi and requested him, “Bhagwan! A devi like that girl of your Ashram must be there in my palace, who may increase the dignity of my kingdom so I want to marry her.” The Rishi replied, “Ask it from her yourself.” The prince went to her and said to her, “O Devi! I want that a Devi like you must live in my capital, Ayodhya to be dignified in my palace as well as kingdom as my wife. I request you to move to my palace after marriage with me.” Madalsa said , “O Dev! I can marry you but I have one determination and you will have to give me promise that I shall teach my children till the age of five years myself. In case, you break your promise, I will leave my body within twelve years from that time.” The price accepted the words of her. After conversation with Rishi, he married with her and Madalsa went to the Manu Dynasty to become queen of Ayodhya.
When she became pregnant, she used to talk the soul of the baby of her uterus with the help of process of “Praan Vidya”. By entering praan to apaan and then apaan to vyaan, vyaan udaan and udaan to samaan. By this process of the ‘Vital Air Learning’ she used to talk to her baby and used to teach him even in the period of pregnancy. According to Vedas, she took herbs what she had studied in the Ashram of her Gurudev. In separate months she used the required herbal medicines.
When the baby was born she herself became his teacher and taught the learning of ‘Brahm’ according to Vedas. When the son became five years old, he told her mother, “ O Mother! I want to go to forests for penance please give me order.” Madalsa said, “O Dear son! You surely can go.” So he went to forests for performing penance to improve his sense and working organs etc. and became a Sanyasi Rishi.

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  1. Even today every mother is required to do garbhadan sanskar to her child for better society and for the betterment of the child.
    Omprakash Bais