Friday, December 28, 2012

Baba Ramdev's System's Major Fault

Mata Durga Ko Naman

It is said that there is no loss of anyone in speaking truth. That is why I am writing this fault of the System of Baba Ramdev Ji.

Na Bhritmanaam vrittisarodhnen
Rajyam dhanam sanjivrikshedpurvam.
Tyajanti Hyanam Vanchita Vai Viruddhoh
Snigdha Hyamatyah pariheenbhogah.  ||Vidurneeti|5|23||

By stopping the salary of servants, it is not good to have the desire of wealth and reign (of others). Because in lack of fruits, even ministers who loved him (king, ruler) use to leave him.

(Dear readers should take the theme contained in it.)

Dear readers! I am/have been in service of Patanjali (A company governed by trust of Baba Ramdev) as Swadeshi Pracharak of District Bijnor. (But now I may not work as the same possibly becuase this system is of 'the' kind.). July(Expenses), Salaries of August, Half of September, November and half of December, I could not get till now inspite of my full attempt what I might do. A.S.M. of Marketing Department says, "the salaries are forbidden to give from Haridwar as you stop working when you want and you started it according to your own choice." It must be known to you becuase I was dependent of only Patanjali for my expenses of any kind. So after informing four-five times, when I could not get any amount, I had to stop my work after informing A.S.M. in September. And started again after 'a Meeting' with A.s.m. and T.s.i. in November again. And in the beginning of December no positive solution was resulted after talking to one of the supreme heads of Swadeshi Pracharaks too because he said to talk a particular one on phone in Haridwar for salary and he did not pick the phone on trying twice and no answer on sending message for talking no back call at all.

One more information of your interest, A.S.M. (45 years) as well as T.S.I.'s (35 years and 25 years) by all we, Swadeshi Pracharaks are called 'Thy', 'Thou'(Tu) or 'by name' without any respect while in Haridwar we are called as 'Bhrataji(Brothers)'. While we are Yogi as well as one and half times in Education and myself twice in body and physical  strength too.

Because of relation with Arya Samaj since birth I have some good qualities too. Our dynasty is not low even. I am a Brahmin too. To know about my dynasty and family do not forget to read my page "About Me".

I don't feel good to write more faults about my own Guru Baba Ramdev Ji. The wise persons can imagine the whole story by these few wordings.


Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawananad'


  1. I know that a growing system with commercial motives, at one point or the other gets to this stage; No controls, only greed to grow fatter and fatter in terms of wealth, name and fame; Finally the system collapses; Ramdev,s system is waiting to collapse; You may recall our discussion a few months back when I cautioned you about it; Good luck to you.

  2. Thanks Devendra Gupta Sir, Your Comment give me relief a lot.