Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who We Are?

All creatures come to this world to serve the rules of the god and no one can break the rules. So we should not hate any one. We should hate their wordings only because then we will not gain our sanskaar of Chitta Mandal, if we want to get salvation and not want to move to the system of 84,00,000 species else we can not uplift ourselves from this system of birth and death. All the souls are pure, wise and have the nature of salvation but because of the charges of the world they have forgotten their wisdom, purity etc. They have dirtiness and are captive of world (Baddha). But they shall get salvation according to the rules of the god one day. And in the god’s uterus they shall move independently. On getting their real form, if they will consider theirself then, the god, then there will be no loss of them. But we should have attention, we, souls can neither be the supreme power, god, nor we can end our own existence in the god. Our existence remains separate than god. That is why we become able to get over pleasure in salvation. Then we become full knowledgeable. Because how much knowledge the god has, the same knowledge of his nation (universe), we attain. Because we are the son of the god in fact. So it is said-

“Tvamev Mata cha pita tvamev  tvamev bandhushcha sakha tvamev
tvamev vidya cha dravinam tvamev tvamev sarvam mam deva dev.”

O supreme power (God)! you are my mother, father, relative, friend, knowledge as well as Learning. You are everything of mine.

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

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