Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lord Ganesha : Part-1

Ganesha Part:1

(A speech by Brahmchari Krishna Dutta in Trance, Shringi Rishi)

It is to be thought that one of the sons of Maharaja Shiva was named as Kartikeya. My lovable Mahanand Ji once explained me the rumors about Maharaja Ganesha Ji. Let the head of the elephant is his head there and his stomach is seemed large. His riding vehicle is a mouse on which he used to move.

This statement does seem very fine. Here "The Beginning", Ganesha is said and there lives the God (Supreme Power) in the beginning. So he is adored. Whenever any prayer is performed the prayer of Maharaja Shiva, Shiva is the name of that Ganesha who  is adored. What is the meaning of prayer of Ganesha Ji? The meaning is that 'Ganon ganon asti, garnebhyo namah astagati namah' is written in Vedas. Ganebhyo namah, but see the ganapati is the god (supreme power) himself who is live. Who was in the beginning when this world was in zero movement. Then, at that time it was the god who was there in existance. How his stomach is? Consider his head as of elephant that has high and big uplifted place. O sons! whose head is so deep, so uplifted, as of elephant, having uplifted position, the brain must be of calm and uplifted motion. The upliftment of a human being may make him told Ganpati, his brain may become high as of the elephant.


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  2. Thanks for complement Aparna g. It's the grace of God and the Guru dev.