Friday, January 31, 2014


Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Dear blog readers I want to share my own experiance what I felt, with you. You must know that I use to perform Yoga early in the morning. With the help of Yoga - Pranayams, Meditation, I became able to control my sense and working organs some bit. I want to tell you about controlling our sense and working organs. I have controlled my sight organ, hearing organ, reproductive organ as well. What I felt I am opening in front of you. With these controlling I felt Divya Sight, Divya Hearing and Divya Love, health, body strength, strength of soul as well. I have got adhyatm prasad too. But we must have in mind that these Divya feelings and prasad when comes we should take the work with spirituality. The materialism may destroy our feelings and achievements for long. Actually our goal is to move towards spirituality with the help of materialism.

If we control our sense and working  organs, we get pleasure. If we have full control on the organs, we may get whatever we want in the world. Especially controlling our reproductive organ, makes us cheer up. If we have semen digested in our body we feel over pleasure, attraction for ladies, affection, power, wisdom, health and then all of our worldly desires may be fulfilled.

If we want to become a celibacy observer, brahmchari, we should put us away from the sight, touch and thinking of ladies. A celibacy observer can win the death even and he can move beyond death means he then become able to know about the mysteries of beyond death.

Mother Madalsa has told her sons – shuddhoasi, buddhoasi, ajoasi, niranjano asi means O dear you are pure, wise, you never take birth or die, you are always full with pleasure. Because of this teaching four of five sons of her became saint and made penance since the age of five years and became Rishi named as Shilak, Pravhan and Dalabhya etc.

Mother Gargi has told very high about celibacy. She told that a celibacy observer may win the death.

Lomash Rishi was a celibacy observer. Lions used to touch his feet in dense forests.

Mahanand Muni Ji became life-free soul because of this celibacy.

When we eat food, after digestion, ras is changed to blood, blood to flesh, flesh to Med, Med to bone, bone to Majja and  Majja to semen. This semen, if stored, changes to oj. This  Oj makes us attractive, wise, strengthy and healthy. So you can now simply think how important its storage is. This seventh metal which is made from eaten food has miraculous effect on our body.

Without semen, if we loss it, we are called insect of gutter.

So we all must become a celibacy observer or brahmchari.
Bhavanand Arya

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inspirations from Rigveda


Om Ahmev swayamidam vadami jushtam devebhiruta manushebhih. 
Yam kaamaye tatamugram krinomi tam  brahmanam tamrishim tam sumedhaam. Rig.|10|5|125

Main svayam devon aur manushyon ke dwara anumat hokar yah ghoshna karta hun ke manav matra ke shubh ke lie main jise chahta hun use unnat aur shaktishali bana deta hun. Usko brahma arthat virat athva Brahman (scholar) bana deta hun. Usko main krantdarshi, rishi aur uttam buddhi vala (sumedha) bana deta hun.

I with the consent of human beings and Devtas (the persons who lives whether in the form of human being bodies of 24 elements or in the form of minor bodies of 17 elements) announce that, in the favour of all human beings to which I want I make progressive and powerful. To that one I make Brahma means Virat or Brahman (Scholar). To that one I make personality of foretelling capacity, Rishi( Human beings who has supermost knowledge of sciences of both kinds- physical, materialistic or spiritual), wise of fine Medha (the Scientific wisdom).

Om Aham rudraya dhanuratanemi brahmdvishe shakhe hantva u. 
Aham janaya samanda krinomyaham dhyavaprithivi o vivesha.Rig.|10|6|125

Main jagat karan brahm roopa vak brahmanon se, ved se aur parmeshvar se dwesh karne vale hinsak, atyachari janon ke vinaash hetu dushton ko rulane vale raudra roop kshatriya ke dhanush par dori chadhata hun. Main satjanon ke hit aur durjanon ke sanhaar ke lie yuddhon kee vyavastha karta hun. Main Dharti aur akash main sab aur vyapt hun. Mujhse koi achhuta nahin hai.

I, who have jealous with Brahmans who are incarnation of Brahma, the origin of the world, Vedas or Supreme Power God, for demolishing those violents, tyrrants, I stretch the threads on the bow of the Kshatriyas, incarnation of Rudra (who make them weep). I arrange the wars for the sake of good ones and for destroying the evil ones. I myself is spread in the whole Earth and in the whole sky. No one is non reachable from my reach.

Bhavanand Arya

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guru Mahima

Guru Govind Dou Khade Kake lagon payen.
Balihari Guru Apuno Govind dio bataye.

O gurudev pujyapad I dont have too much great thoughts that I may adore you, serve you like a good pupil but O gurudev! I need a person like you who may guide me like your teachings.

I could not see you while you were alive in the form of Br. Krishna Dutta Ji. But I know O respectable Rishi that your soul is immortal and you may exist in the souls of Devyaan or you might have taken birth in the Heaven. But O gurudev where ever you exist, I pray to thee. Your books taught me about our past. About the real images of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Shankaracharya, Swami Dayanand etc. Because of you I met Baba Ramdev Ji but this harsh ignorant world can not understand these words of me. But my feelings is understanding that I am true here. You in your sermons had fortold and prayed the god about the birth of a person who was like Baba Ramdev. And when I saw him and heared him well I at once guessed that you were telling about which person, at any rate he is Ramdev Ji. O gurudev I have met Baba Ramdev and it is true, according to your fortelling that he will become the leader of the forthcoming revolution. I knew it since January 2011 when I met him. And I have declared it in my family that he is not Baba Ramdev but Lord Ramdev whose idols will be adored in future like Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. But this knowledge exists in me because of you. I say, as you expressed that Lord Ramdev will be adored till the end of Kalyug or till 4,27,000 more years approximately.

Truly Yours
Bhavanand Arya

Respect for Olds

Types of Strength and types of Olds

On the occasion of 26 January, 2014, Independence day, I am writing about the Mahima of our Olds, ancestors.

If a person has body power is called powerful as a modern custom. For these types of peoples the following sentence is said-

“Jiski Lathi Uski Bhains” – The buffalo owns who has a stick.

By this saying of our ancestors we came to know that strength, power is necessary if we want to make our image, respect, hold in the society.
You will be amazed to listen too much types of powers. These are of many kinds. Every type of strength has its own quality. Not increasing the written text I simply say you the kinds-

1.   Strength of Body
2.   Strength of Brain (Decesion Making Power)
3.   Strength of Wealth
4.   Strength of Political Designation
5.   Strength of Soul
6.   Strength of Knowledge
7.   Strength of Learnings
8.   Strength of Social Position
9.   Strength of Group (Man Power) etc.

Every kind of strength has its own capacity and other can not be used on others place. So every type of power is necessary for a human being.
If we want to improve our strength we should follow the following stanza of Vidur Neethi-

“Abhivadan Sheelasya Nit Vriddhopsevina
Chattvari Tasya Vardhayante Ayurvidyayashobalam”

“One who bade good morning, adore, serve and follow old ones, gets increased age, learning, fame and strengths.”

By the word ‘old persons’ we think about the persons who are generally more than 60 years old. But here its meaning is not so. There are four kinds of olds-

1.   Old (Super) in Knowledge
2.   Old (Super) in Body Strength
3.   Old (Super) in Wealth
4.   Old (Super) in age
So there are four kinds of olds. We should serve them all. An old is adorable, followable whether of any kind. In Manu Smriti, it is said that an age-old however of any Varna (Caste in modern age) is to be respected.
So O dear readers! we should do some work to increase, our strength by respecting, serving, following the old ones whether of any kind. Let us respect the old.

Truly Yours
Bhavanand Arya

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kalas of Bhagwan Krishna

Sixteen Kalas of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna Ji was owner of sixteen thousands and eight gopis means hymns of Vedas. He is called the owner of sixteen Kalas as well. He is called the incarnation of sixteen Kalas while Lord Ram had knowledge of twelve Kalas that is why Krishna Ji was more powerful incarnation than Ram Ji. But in the field of powers both have superb place in our ancient history. The sixteen Kalas are as follows-

Prachi (East) kala, Dakshina (South) kala, Prateechi (West) kala,  Udeechi (North) kala, Vak (voice) kala, Shrot (ears) kala, Gran (nose) kala, chakshu (eyes) kala, Vayu(air) kala, Agni(fire) kala, Jal(water) kala, Dyau (sun) kala, Antariksha (space) kala, samudra (ocean) kala, prithvi (earth) kala, man (mind, thinking power) kala.

Bhavanand Arya

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Should We Write

Why Should We Write?

Pujyapad Gurudev Br. Krishna Dutta Ji Maharaj said that we should make writings about our experiences but he warned not to write bad one experiences. Some people use to write the greatest faults of them. 

On facebook Baba Ramdev wrote that we must have the habit of writing good thoughts because these one thoughts guide us in our life. Here Babaji cleared that if we write bad thoughts, our future may fall.

My Daily Routine

Now I am writing my experiences. I am writing about my daily routine. I wake up early in the morning at 4 o’clock and recite morning vedic hymns with morning oath. Then I use to recite in mind with stopping voice, gayatri maha verse 108 times after taking one glass of water. Then after regular routine, I start yog sadhna with the devotee songs running in my mobile. After performing yog sadhna i.e. pranayams, meditation etc. I do exercise of yoga. Then I bathe. After bathing I perform morning prayer (sandhya) and then I perform yagya. Now I take one glass of tea at approximately 8:30 p.m. Then after taking morning breakfast at 9:00, I move towards action and teach my students (I give tuitions privately) and act in a shop where I become busy till 8 p.m. I take lunch and some herbs at 2:00 and dinner at 8:00. There in shop, I a little time give to studies too. So like this I can manage my life in the tri-learning knowledge, action and devotion, which was followed by Augustya Muni.

The purpose behind this writing is that youngsters as well as students may follow a little bit, my routine so that they may become hi-fi in their studies, bodybuilding and brain. Every person who became great use to wake up early in the morning. When we follow tri-learning we may make our life solid, perfact and fine. Now a day this routine of mine is an ideal routine that is why I wrote it. And what I wrote is absolutely true because I never write false. This one too I wrote truly.

Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

O Vedic Brave!

Om Prehyabheehi Dhrishnuhi na te vrajo ni yansate. Indra Nrimnam hi te shavo hano vrittram jaya apoarchannanu swarajyam. Rigved. 1. 80. 3

He veer! aage badh, shatru par vaar kar, use parast kar de. tere shastra ko koi rok nhin sakta. shatru ko jhuka dene vala bal tujhme vidyaman hai. atatayi ko maar de. teri jin prajaon ko shatru ne pakad lia he, unhen jeet la. swarajya ka aradhak ban.

O Valiant! move forth, attack on the enemy, Get him lost. No one can stop your weapon. You have the force of bending the enemy. The rascal must be killed. The enemy has caught to which peoples of you, take them back while winning. Adore the independance.

Om Vi Raksho vi mridho jahi vi vritrasya hanoo ruja. Vi manyumindra vrittrahannmitrasyaabhisatah. Rigved. 10. 152. 3

He veer rakshason ka sanhaar kar, hinsakon ko kuchal daal, dusht shatru kee dadhen tod de. Jo tujhe daas banana chahe, us vairi ke krodh ko chur chur kar de.

O Valiant kill the rascals, Make an end to violents, crack the jaws of sinners. One who want to make you slave, make that enemy's anger to pieces.

From Vaidic Veer Garjana, Divya Prakashan, Kankhal, Haridwar

Truly Yours
Bhavanand Arya

Jai Sri Krishna


I want to say about Sri Krishna Ji. Surdas did well to write devotee songs about him as to save our religion which is called Hindu now. The same did Tulsidas Ji by explaining Ram Ji to save our Hindu religion.

Actually we Hindus are Aryans in fact. Ram, Krishna, Shankaracharya, Dayanand and Vivekanand etc. all were actual Aryans and we Hindus are Aryans. These all are role model of Aryans. Aryan means the best and ideal person.

In the Geeta at many places it seems that Lord Krishna is the Supreme Power while he uses word ‘I’ as –

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata
Abhutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham.

This world ‘Main’ or I the Aryans use to say to explain something to their pupils. As Krishna Ji used to explain his pupil Arjun. So he did well to do it. But in fact he was not the supreme power god.

Actually Krishna was a great personality who was just near to salvation. He was not an incarnation of Supreme Power but a personality who has a lot of quality of supreme power god which he got by the devotion of supreme power in several births.

Krishna, in his life span never performed a sin, and his actions were so great that he is known as ‘Bhagwan’. But its meaning is that this kind of pious souls are generally called Bhagwan but here this ‘Bhagwan’ is a designaion. It does not mean the supreme power Bhagwan who is omnipotent, omniscient etc. Krishna Ji was many potent not omni. He was many scient not omni.

And meaning of the verse Geeta|4|7 can be understood that he of course had the desire to take birth in the world and in every birth would work to raise the grace of Dharma ( religion) that is why he told it.

He was a superb yogi as in ‘Miracle of Yoga by Lord Krishna’ I conveyed you that he knew yoga with Bhrashta yog too. Because in many births he had been yogi and had earned these ‘Siddhis’ that is why he, in his childhood killed many Rakshas, devils.

In actual, the god can not take birth ever because by the omnipotency he can kill Ravan, Kans etc. easily without taking birth from uterus of any one then why does he need to take birth as human being. His works never go in vain.

“Chitram Devanamudgadneekam..” Yajurved|7|42
“Na tasya pratimasti..” Yajurved|34|3

These two lines are taken from Vedas. The god is called ‘Aneekam’ because he can not be seen as a sight from eyes. And we can not make his idol too. These words from Vedas prove that the god can not come under sight. He can be felt only as space and air can be felt. Then how can we make his image or idol? He is known by meditation. The wisdom of meditation can feel him well.

Incarnation of Vishnu: Now the question arises why Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are called the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vinshnu is called that soul  that stay on the snake of five mouths of desire, anger, greed, affection and self conceit. These five are mouths of that snake, Sheshnag. If to a yogi any one of these five effects, they work as a bite of the death. Ram and Krishna had full control against these five that is why they are called incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Both had taken sounds of Vedic hymns, one Vedic culture, good and polite behavior, punishment for rascals, these four with them. These four relates with conch shell, wheel, Lotus and Club respectively. Both became King of having these four in their reign so they were called incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

After this proof a way is now opened for us too. Come dear readers, Let us take determination to become a Maha Yogi like Krishna Ji. A patron of boundaries like Ram Ji. We too can become like Ram and Krishna. O god I take the oath that I shall become a maha yogi like Krishna whether I will have to take millions of births in this harsh world but o god I shall become that one. Please help me to complete this oath.

O readers let us fill this earth of god i.e. Bharat by 125 crore Krishnas and Rams We all should take this oath. Is there any one negative?

Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to Pass Life?


Today I took my inspiration of writing from Maharishi Patanjali’s Yogdarshan. First of all we see the following surta of Yogdarshan-

‘Heyam dukhmanagatam’ Yogdarshan|2|16

It says that the sorrow which is forth coming is to be cured or negotiated.
Means as a fact every pleasure is followed by sorrow and every sorrow is followed by pleasure. These pleasures and sorrow both are the two phases of this world and a coin of the world has these two phases altogether. The same is said in hymn of Rigveda, 1st Mandal-
"Om dwa suparna sayuja sakhaya samanam vriksham parishasvajate. 
Tayoranyah pippalam swadvatya nashnannanyo abhichakasheeti."

The other, means the soul is eating both sorrowful and pleasing fruits of the tree like world with taste. Means we can not ignore the forth coming sorrow because it shall come at any rate after any type of pleasure. But as is said in Yogdarshan we by the grace of Maharishi Patanjali Ji came to know that the forthcoming sorrow to which, if we know it, must be cured and we should do our full attempt to remove it. It is not a humanity to let it come with its full strength.

Now we take the second sutra, the cause of sorrow, suppose we are free from the bondage of this world and we are a soul of salvation, we can think about this sutra then well-
‘Drashtridrishyayoh Sanyogo Heyahetuh.’ Yogdarshan|2|17
The meeting of soul who is a spectator and the nature which is viewd, is the main cause of sorrow.
Means if we want to leave worldly sorrows we must try to leave this nature which has three qualities- Satv (In which true knowledge is there), Raj (In which discipline, anger etc. is there), Tam (In which ignorance and origin of birth and death is there). Meeting with nature give pleasure first and then this pleasure is followed by sorrow. So if we want to save us from sorrow we should try to leave this world and till when we stay here we should follow the tri-learning Knowledge, Action and Devotion. This whole world thus may be said of the nature, sorrow, because every pleasure has sorrow in its uterus.

So o dear readers we all should attempt to get salvation and we should do some work for salvation too everyday.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Om

Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Qualities of Women

As in previous post it is said that man gets Oj from seventh metal of the body, because of Oj they use to be strong and powerful. But in ladies while they use to be weak in the sense of body power, they have a very peculiar quality that a man does not have.

It is the quality of the sisters/mothers/daughters that they use to be beautiful, pleasing by heart, sensitive, bearing and attractive. This is because of a special quality that they have Tej which is produced by fat, in ladies. A man lacks it. Because of Tej they are very amusing by heart and sensitive. Because of this Tej they have bearing quality and that is why they can easily look after a baby. This one practice a man can not do. Capturing/observing capacity of ladies is also very high because of this Tej.


Yatr naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devtah.’ - Means Where sisters are adored the gods live there. 

This one is aptly said about sisters by our Rishis. If we respect them we can make Heaven to our home. In the lack of them no system of food distribution may exist. The sisters use to be pious, jewel of house, respectable and they can make a house home.

So we all should pray the women. We should respect them. We should make them please by offering them something everyday. This one is called their prayer not only bading them Good Morning or by bowing before them with pair of palms but we should respect them and should give them some special offerings such as dresses, jewelleries, eatables etc. All these are prayers as well.


How and Why become a Celibacy Observer?

If we want to perform Yoga we must be a celibacy observer. Our celibacy will become the fuel of thinking capacity then. Actually the celibacy has two motions – upward and downward. With the help of yoga we make the motion of it upward. There are many types of pranayams such as – Kapal bhati, Surya Bhedi, Chandra Bhedi, Nadi Shodhan, Bhastrica, Bahya Vishaya, Abhyantar Vishaya, Ujjai, Anulom vilom, Bhramari, Udgeeth, Seetkari, Chandraketu in Khechri Mudra, Rechak, Purak, Kumbhak, Stambhvritti, Bahyabhyantarkshepi and Pranav etc.

Suppose we perform eight prayams as defined by Baba Ramdev Ji as a regular practice, we should have in mind while we perform kapal bhati that we are regulating our engine and while performing anulom-vilom we should think that we are regulating our driver of this body. As is said by Baba Ji too. Actually while performing pranayam we should have in mind the effects which are becoming on the body related to it. Then the exercise will become more effective and solid. As we know Surya Bhedipranayam heats up our body but if we perform it without this thought we generally don’t see this effect of heating up but when we think that our pingla (hot vein) is vibrating by taking in breath from right hole of nose (surya swar) while performing surya bhedi, we of course, see that our body heats up by this pranayam.

So with pranayams, related thinking is necessary and we can not think deep without our seventh metal (dhatu, semen). Without semen we live like insect of gutter in this world. So if you want to become a yogi, be a celibacy observer first. A celibacy observer can win the death. He is everything great in this world. If we stay in Grahasth Ashram we should become a Brahmchari of only and only one wife. While we eat, the jatharagni makes seven metals in our body – ras, blood, flesh, med, bones, Majja and semen. Semen is seventh dhatu in our body. This seventh one gives Oj to our body by which our body remain healthy.

A celibacy observer means a person of the best thinking whether of science or of god and a semen protector with it too.

Let us become a true celibacy observer and let us move beyond death. Come friends your welcome.

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Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What a Soul is?

How to pass or utilize our time in this world?


Every living organism has soul with him/her and he/she feels sorrow and pleasure like us. We are of course living being and have soul within our body. A soul has two main qualities as origin – knowledge and attempt for action. Where these two are found, we can say a soul exists there. A living organism has five types of actions to perform – Contract, Expand, Upward, Downward, movement.

As The Geeta(2/20) says-
Na jayate mriyate va kadachinnayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyah.

Ajo nityah shahshvato ayam purano na hanyate hanyamane sharire.

For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.

So by this verse we came to know that the soul is immortal. Every soul which is captive of world will have to move salvation. Salvation is the period of (4,32,000 kalyug + 2x4,32,000 dwapar + 3x4,32,000 treta +4x4,32,000 satyug) chaturyugi x 1000 srishti kal x 2 ahoratra or kalp  x 365 brahm varsh x 100 brahm shatayu or mahakalp or parant kal or 31,53,60,00,00,00,000 years. Now we think about the period of being captive of world. Suppose we are in salvation, we shall have the knowledge of our past worldly lives and future lives because at that time we have knowledge of all types. Then we live like son of our god. Because the god has that knowledge so we, his sons, will also have the knowledge of our past and future. When we take birth as a human or animal body, we forget everything according to the worldly rules of god. Now in the world we have mind (decision making power) and very less memory etc. We know and have memory about our past but very less because we can not tell what we acted before 100 days at 10:10:10 a.m.  and what was the direction of our mouth, hands and legs even.

As my feeling say I truly say that our past and future behaviors, actions, prayers, knowledge, memory, brain etc. are prefixed by the god. The god arranges our food for whole life at the time of birth. The Karmyogi will say – you left every thing on destiny and there is no value of action-fruit system. Then I say action-fruit is also fixed in this system.

My Ritambhara is saying that god is the point which is commanding all the points of this world. Pujyapad Br. Krishnadutta ji also said it. Nothing can happen without the desire (Ikshna) of the supreme power god. A leaf even can not move without the desire of god.

But this is a mystical fact. So please don’t spread it in the world so that no hidden rascal may misuse it.


Bhavanand Arya

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Own Story

Dear readers I want to write about myself what has happened with me and what I write is absolutely true.

Once when I was working on a computer center named Brilliant Computer Education, Chandpur (Bijnor) as a computer instructer I faced problem about fees of students. The director of Centre told me that if the students will not submit fees on time all feeses will be cut from my salary. The students were of the habit to submit amount late that is why at that time my salary would not be given by the director as per rule when the forth saying incident occurred.

There was no hope of getting amount from Computer Centre and my scooter needed petrol and myself does not have any amount in my purse. In frustration I did not reach the Centre. The director next day went to my home with car and I reached there but because of this problem (money problem) I came back to my home on foot. I have heared about Hastinapur forest that it exists just across Ganga river from Khanpur. Once while teaching in Vidya Mandir Inter College I have gone to Hastinapur forests in our school tour but by different route. Then it was more than 25 kilometer from Chandpur. And as I heared Khanpur was only 7 kilometers away from Chandpur. And just behind Khanpur Ganga means it is less than 10 km. I was on the thought that Knowledge, Action and Devotion, the three should be followed to achieve success. That is why for the sake of Knowledge gaining I decided to go to Khanpur so that my precious time should not be wasted. And I was thinking that by this way I will be able to know the new and easy route to Hastinapur Forests.

O.k. I rode on my scooter and through Chandpur I reached Khanpur from where I reached Nannaur where the river Ganga passes. On crossing Nannaur the field of Ganga begins and a Black Water Canal stops my way. I deride from Scooter and after locking it I crossed the canal and reached to the shore of the Ganga river. There I rode on the Boat and asked the boatman about the Forest of Hastinapur. He told that after some distance you will get the bus for Hastinapur. I was thinking that the Jungle exists just on the other bank and I was familiar to the jungle so easily I might get back just with in one hour but now I shocked. When I asked the distance of Hastinapur by bus the boatman told 8 k.m. route for bus on the road. But I had started the journey so I thought that I shall return after seeing the Jungle. I crossed the river and it was 2 k.m. route for on foot. I payed the boatman. After moving on foot I reached the road where I got bus. And I reached the jungle. There I walked. I was familiar to that jungle as I had come here as a tourist before. Near Pandav Qila I saw a she-monkey and his baby. On seeing them I missed my wife and daughter so hastily I returned back for the bus. I got the bus and reached to the destination from where on foot-way was to be started. It was the time of evening and the dark was to be started just. The route was 2 k.m. long and I had to move on foot. O.k. It was getting dark and I started moving on foot hastily as I had suspected that after dark I could not get the boat to cross the river and my scooter was across. But instead of hurry it got dark and there was no boat on this bank. Now I became anxious because of the memory of my daughter, wife and mother. I stayed on that side. There was no one till far away places and in fact it was too a forest area. No one was there except trees, solitary field and the sand.

There I sat near the river bank for a while and made a plan to make a temporary hut. With the help of Daab Ghas’s bundles I make a temporary hut and spread some bundles below and there I took rest. I was afraid of Mahes and wild animals. But after some time I thought about crossing the river by swimming. I arose and went near the bank and thought that by the grace of the god I may cross the river and leaving everything I thought about god and I requested the god by praying him. I spoke all eight hymns of Ishwar Stuti Prarthna upasna prakaranam – Om Vishvani Dev Savitarduritani parasuva….
Now after reciting these eight hymns I jumped into the river. You should have in mind that the water from near the bank was 18 ft. deep. I many times tried to swim before in the past but I did not know how to swim well. So I went into the water straight. Because of upthrust force I first time came up and my mouth came outside from the river label, I took in breath and again moved deep to the river water. Now when I second time came up I shrieked ‘O Mata Bacha le’. Here my meaning for saying Mata was Jagat Janni maa Adyashakti Paramatma. And I went deep into the river water and when third time I came up and shrieked ‘Maa…’ I went into the water and then my feet felt the field below my legs. I was astonished and myself felt safe from the mouth of Death. As you know the water was 18 ft. deeper just near the bank there was no chance of this type of earth below the feet. Now I ascend to the bank on the earth. It was like a highland shape. And now I was safe. I slept the whole night with wet cloths in the hut. Early in the morning when the sun was about to arise, I performed morning prayers near the bank and after the prayer I felt a boatman near the shore. I went to him and asked if he would go other side. He asked me what I was doing here in wet cloths. I told her that I was there whole night. He complained that he should call him because he was on the other shore in the night and said that you might call him with his loud voice. But because I was new there so I think how it was possible because I was unknown to that fact. Thanks god now I came to another side by boat and reached the place where my scooter was placed. I started the scooter and came back to my home well. This was the occasion when I felt the god just near me. And now I was solid theist. It was really grace of the god that he saved my life at that time while I was in the condition of bare mind.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


According to my own experience I want to display some knowledge about pranayam in front of you.

Actually we have eight charkas and nine doors in our body. This body is called Ayodhya Puri.

‘Ashta Chakra Nav Dwara Pur Ayodhya.’

Eight Chakras are –Muladhar, Nabhi, Hriday, Kanth, Nasika, Agya, Sahasrar and Pushp Chakras respectively from bottom of back bone till the upper portion of the head and eighth Pushpa Chakra exists in back bone after Sahasrar Chakra.

There are three veins in our body- Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. Pingla is a hot vein and Ida is a cold vein. From the bottom of back bone Sushumna moves upward straight till Sahasrar Chakra and Pingla moves to the right of Sushumna and Ida moves to the left of Sushumna and all the three meets at every Chakra.

Our right hole of nose is called Surya (Sun) swar and left is called Chandra (moon) swar. When we take in breath from surya hole, Pingla vibrates and our body becomes hot and when we need to cool our body we take in breath from chandra swar and leave the breath from other hole then our body cools.

Surya Bhedi Pranayam: When we take in breath from right or Surya Swar and according to our strength after staying breathed in when after some time we wish to breath out, leave from left hole, is called Surya  Bhedi.

Chandra Bhedi Pranayam: When we take in breath from left or Chandra Swar and according to our strength after staying breathed in when after some time we wish to breath out, leave from right hole, is called Surya Bhedi.

According to a Rishi, early in the morning we should practice Surya Bhedi and in the evening we should practice Chandra Bhedi.

Thanks readers I have written it as my trivial brain says. I have practiced it and I have reached a little bit close to the god. You too should do it. Practice it and go near to the god.

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