Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Should We Write

Why Should We Write?

Pujyapad Gurudev Br. Krishna Dutta Ji Maharaj said that we should make writings about our experiences but he warned not to write bad one experiences. Some people use to write the greatest faults of them. 

On facebook Baba Ramdev wrote that we must have the habit of writing good thoughts because these one thoughts guide us in our life. Here Babaji cleared that if we write bad thoughts, our future may fall.

My Daily Routine

Now I am writing my experiences. I am writing about my daily routine. I wake up early in the morning at 4 o’clock and recite morning vedic hymns with morning oath. Then I use to recite in mind with stopping voice, gayatri maha verse 108 times after taking one glass of water. Then after regular routine, I start yog sadhna with the devotee songs running in my mobile. After performing yog sadhna i.e. pranayams, meditation etc. I do exercise of yoga. Then I bathe. After bathing I perform morning prayer (sandhya) and then I perform yagya. Now I take one glass of tea at approximately 8:30 p.m. Then after taking morning breakfast at 9:00, I move towards action and teach my students (I give tuitions privately) and act in a shop where I become busy till 8 p.m. I take lunch and some herbs at 2:00 and dinner at 8:00. There in shop, I a little time give to studies too. So like this I can manage my life in the tri-learning knowledge, action and devotion, which was followed by Augustya Muni.

The purpose behind this writing is that youngsters as well as students may follow a little bit, my routine so that they may become hi-fi in their studies, bodybuilding and brain. Every person who became great use to wake up early in the morning. When we follow tri-learning we may make our life solid, perfact and fine. Now a day this routine of mine is an ideal routine that is why I wrote it. And what I wrote is absolutely true because I never write false. This one too I wrote truly.

Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

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