Sunday, January 26, 2014

Respect for Olds

Types of Strength and types of Olds

On the occasion of 26 January, 2014, Independence day, I am writing about the Mahima of our Olds, ancestors.

If a person has body power is called powerful as a modern custom. For these types of peoples the following sentence is said-

“Jiski Lathi Uski Bhains” – The buffalo owns who has a stick.

By this saying of our ancestors we came to know that strength, power is necessary if we want to make our image, respect, hold in the society.
You will be amazed to listen too much types of powers. These are of many kinds. Every type of strength has its own quality. Not increasing the written text I simply say you the kinds-

1.   Strength of Body
2.   Strength of Brain (Decesion Making Power)
3.   Strength of Wealth
4.   Strength of Political Designation
5.   Strength of Soul
6.   Strength of Knowledge
7.   Strength of Learnings
8.   Strength of Social Position
9.   Strength of Group (Man Power) etc.

Every kind of strength has its own capacity and other can not be used on others place. So every type of power is necessary for a human being.
If we want to improve our strength we should follow the following stanza of Vidur Neethi-

“Abhivadan Sheelasya Nit Vriddhopsevina
Chattvari Tasya Vardhayante Ayurvidyayashobalam”

“One who bade good morning, adore, serve and follow old ones, gets increased age, learning, fame and strengths.”

By the word ‘old persons’ we think about the persons who are generally more than 60 years old. But here its meaning is not so. There are four kinds of olds-

1.   Old (Super) in Knowledge
2.   Old (Super) in Body Strength
3.   Old (Super) in Wealth
4.   Old (Super) in age
So there are four kinds of olds. We should serve them all. An old is adorable, followable whether of any kind. In Manu Smriti, it is said that an age-old however of any Varna (Caste in modern age) is to be respected.
So O dear readers! we should do some work to increase, our strength by respecting, serving, following the old ones whether of any kind. Let us respect the old.

Truly Yours
Bhavanand Arya

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