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Mother Madalsa : Part - 3

Mother Madalsa : 3

When that fifth son of Madalsa was not taught by her, with the help of growing in only the thoughts of Nation, he became a person of national feelings. Now when he became twelve years old, she gathered the king as well as him. She said to the king, “O king! I am about to leave this body of mine now as I have told you before because now the heir of yours will become a king as you desired from me and he is 12 years old now.” She prepared a will for his son and with the help of a thread she put it in his neck as necklace. And then, she by talking deep breath left the body forever with the help of pranayaam.
This son of Madalasa became king of Ayodhya. When his grandsons too took birth he did not leave to forests as the custom of Manu dynasty to become sanyasi.
Three elder brothers of the king Maharishi Shilak, Maharishi Dalabhya  and Maharishi Pravhan etc. came to him and said to him, “O king! As the custom of our dynasty, you must take sanyas after giving your throne to your son.” But he forbade to do it. The three sanyasis went to neighboring king and ordered him to attack Ayodhya. That king attacked on him and make him prisoner. In the jail, he when became very much frustrated and depressed he thought and then his memory made him thinking about the necklace given by his mother Madalsa. He opened the letter in which he read the teaching of his mother that “O dear son! This world is moving like the same as a custom from the beginning. There is no conclusion behind worldly desires of this world.”
He thought abut these words deeply and his influence of previous births started arising forth. He realized that he must take Sanyas. So he called the King and other courtiers. Then in front of them he accepted the Sanyaas and went to forests to perform penance after offering the reign of Ayodhya to his elder son.

After finishing this story I want to tell you about what happened in Delhi recently with that girl. If our mothers/sisters will make their role model to the Indian ladies of the past like Madalsa, Savitri, Sita, Apaala, Gargi etc., there will be no cause that any vulgar man may touch them even with his thoughts, feelings. Because this type of offense is increased in our India because we are following the culture of west not of our own Vedic Culture. Our ruler too is giving honor to several religions not to Vedicism. He is Secular that is why he has no religion I must think. You know 'Yatha Raja Tatha Praja' a lot of persons who are influenced by only national feelings (not spiritual) are follower of no-relegion concept. Without right religion a person is nothing. O sisters/mothers if we will have some mothers like these ladies of ancient India in modern India, we may get Dalabhya, Shilak, Dhruv, Lav-Kush, Bharat like sons of Bharat in furture then.
So please make your role model (Ideals) to them not to ‘Madhubala’, ‘Hema Malini’, ‘Madhuri Dixit’ or ‘Katarina’ etc.

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  1. Great, I admire Madaalsa very much. I came to know about her in a satsang of my gurudev- Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. He is trapped in a false case.