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Mother Madalsa : Part - 2

Mother Madalsa : 2
When Madalsa became pregnant second time, the king was thinking that this one will become king of Ayodhya but he said nothing to Madalsa because of the promise he had given to her. On the day of birth of the second son, a lot of pleasure was spread to the whole reign of king of Ayodhya.
Now according to her determination Madalsa started educating her second one too as a Guru. So in the age of 5 years he was convinced that these earthly pleasures of organs are no longer stay that is why he too, requested her mother, “O mother! I want to go to forests for penance.” She, with pleasure replied, “O Dear Son! Surely you may go.” And the second son too went to the dense forests to become a sanyasi and a rishi.
The same happened third time too and Madalsa taught her third son all that she had taught to the previous sons. When he requested Madalsa, “O mother! I too want to go to dense forests.” She asked, “Why do you want to perform penance?” He replied, “Mother! I am coming from several other life periods and want to get the obligation of god that is why with celibacy I want to make my organs full of penance and so for the penance I want to move there so that I may clear the path of salvation.” Madalsa permitted him too, “O dear son! You may perform your penance.”
When Madalsa became pregnant fifth time, the king said to her, “O Devi! Who will rule the capital? All the sons till now have become sanyasi. There must be a son who may become the prince of my reign.” She with anger, exclaimed, “O king! I have already told you before not to maddle with my determination but you now want it so I shall have to break my decision. You tried to break your own promise. It’s o.k. now you shall get an heir of your kingdom. But as I have told at the time of marriage, I shall leave my body when your heir will become 12 years old.” The king thought, “Of what peculiar type this Devi is?”
She gave no education to the child since the time of his presence in her uterus. When he was born she did not teach him even a single teaching. The baby started growing in the thoughts of the Nation only.

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Anubhav Sharma “Bhawanand”

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