Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao


When a daughter is born, according to vedic literature, prosperity mean Luxmi comes to our home. A daughter is a kind of prosperity. She enters to our house to make the family as well as society prosperous. In fact there are three kinds of daughters in the world. One is that one who works according to the desire of mind (thinking power) of her parents. Second kinds of daughters works according to the orders of the parents and third one do not listen to any one. They acts according to their own desires. But all the three are helpful for the purposes of the nation. All are benevolent for the nation. Altogether they make the society uplifted.

Specialty of male is his strength of body but the specialty of a girl is her bearing capacity, politeness and charm. A male never can get their qualities ever because the god has not given these types of qualities to a male. He enriched only girls by the quality of bearing, especially. And that is because of Tej that a male  never has. It is created in only girls by the result of eating food by their saptaagnees.

Daughters, who have satoguni quality, spiritual capacity and physical science is enthroned within whom, with the help of education system, are the builder of nation. They are called leading one.

By these notifications it is clear to us that we should save daughters. 

As we save money, save religious thoughts, save our religions and science books, save boys, save and protect scholars, save scientists, journalists, actors, players.... cause these all are useful to nation....we should save daughters too. Because these one are a kind of special gift of nature or of god we may say. And of course they have souls just like boys, males.

Whatever we invest on our children whether they are boys or girls, is a kind of deposit. In the form of knowledge, skills, the money is converted. As we know that matter never ends (it may only be converted to energy - Einstein), invested money will not get an end, it changes its shape only. And you know by the investment of money on daughters we are making them powerful and giving them strength. Money here changes into shape only. And as a result of giving them education they become a lot of helpful for them in future too. So investment on education never goes in vain. In return it gives the fruit of help, happiness, strength, unity etc.

A Bitiya, I say dear daughter is a lovely gift of parents given to society if she is skillful, wise, brave, scholar, spiritual mean yogi as well as full of physical science. These qualities comes to her by only and only education.

So Save daughter, Educate daughter.

It is our duty, desire, and it is for saving our own future. By it we serve her (mean a daughter, sister, mother) and serve the god in other words.


Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavanand Arya'

Saturday, September 13, 2014


 ॐ द्वा सुपर्णा सयुजा सखाया समानं वृक्षम् परिषस्व जाते।
तयोरन्यः पिप्पलम स्वाद्वत्य नश्नन्नन्यो अभिचाकशीति।

Om Dwa Suparna Sayuja Sakhaya Samanam Vriksham Parishasvajate.

Tayoranyah Pippalam Swadwatya Nashnannanyo Abhichaksheeti.

It means, two birds who have bright feathers, have taken shelter beneath a tree and have relation of together living friends. One of them is eating the fruits of happiness and sorrow and the other is only overlooking him like spectator or witness.
The previous one is busy in eating fruits with taste- bitter and sweet and has forgotten himself as well as god.

(The two birds are soul and god and this one tree is this world.)

But when he looks that the yogis too praying him (god) and having demand from him, he starts praying the god. He, after knowing his names tries to accept the properties of him. And at last he becomes free from the bondage of the world to get salvation.

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavanand'

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Conversation With Spirituality

As I have told you before spirituality is the science of five working organs, five sense organs, mind(man), brain(buddhi), sub conscious(chitt), self conceit, soul and god. 

If we practice in physical science fifty years and what we gain then, we can gain that one within two years in spirituality. So spirituality is superior to physical science.

One fact is there within my mind that I am disclosing just now.

Suppose we want to talk to our dear one with the help of spirituality, we should pray the god air, "O god air! please help me to have conversation with my loved one. What I say to him/her please bring it to him/her and his/her answer I may listen. With politeness we should pray to him about completing the conversation and we should greet him."

The air has vital source that is why he can complete our desire.

Then we clearly see that our conversation took place clearly and uninterrupted.

This conversation took place in 'Madhyama' voice.

Understood? This is the gain of Spirituality.

We should enter spirituality with the help of yoga and books like upanishadas, Vedas and books of Rishis and Munis.

Note : There are four types of voices- Para, Pashyanti, madhyama and Baikhari. Baikhari is the voice in which we speak to each other.

See you in next post soon.

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Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

Friday, August 8, 2014

Disinterested Actions

Disinterested Actions

Maharaja Krishna said to Arjun, “O Arjun! Be available for me today. Whatever action you perform, do it disinterested.” It’s explanation is so – when a keen go to a teacher the teacher says, “O Child! If you want to be an observer, whatever you have, give it to me. Being near to me and do actions by offering yourself to me.” So for the relation of teacher and taught Krishna Ji said so you will have to perform great action. If you want to be great all the plans of your life, determination-alternates, offer to me and perform actions disinterested. Of whom affection you are bearing, they all are destroyed before. They will be destroyed tomorrow if not today. For his orders, Arjun performed the war.


Lord Krishna said again and again, “Myself omniscient, omnipotent.” Its sense is that the learning what is known by which teachers by which self is known or the soul is known. That teacher uses to say, “I have known everything. The god has given me power that I will destroy all of your sins.

Krishna told Arjun that, “I know the whole of the nature. But I shall have to perform the action so that this world may become uplifted.

Yours truly,
Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

Monday, July 14, 2014

Life With Spirituality and Moh

The machines of body that the god made is full of a lot of peculiarities. It is said-

"Har Sharir Mandir Sa Pawan, Har Manav Upkaari Hai." 

(Every human body is pious like temple and every human being is beneficent.)

In these machines like human bodies, the god made working organs, sense organs, mind (thinking power), brain (decision making power), sub conscious, self conceit and the soul and the god himself stay within it.

The question arises what the spirituality is? The science of five working organs, five sense organs, mind, brain, subconscious, self conceit, soul and the god, o friendz, is called spiritual science.

In this post, I am discussing about a particular pecularity of the mind from different types of peculiarities.

It is said that by the mind because of desires, anger, greed, affection, self conceit etc. we use to think about which one, the generated waves of mind effects that particular one. Now I am proving it by the method of science-

Mind is the smallest particle of the nature.
When we think with the mind, it vibrates.
A vibrating body produces waves - Physics

So when we think from the mind, waves will be generated and as the rule of the god, it will move to the person about whom we are thinking. So by only thinking about anyone may move the flow of waves to that particular one. O Readers! Is it not the specialty of the rules of the world created by the god himself.

Likewise an affectionate person uses to get the waves of affection regularly. Because when he emits waves of affection on the different kinds of persons, he will surely get too. It is said that the affection never use to be one sided. Its reason is this one science. Because this strange world of the god is high with the eye of the science too.

Let there is a young girl. She uses to emit the waves of affection on several men. Because the nature of a mother uses to be affectionate. Now if man starts affection for her, the affection may become high naturally but as an effect the crazy nature of both will arise. And when after some time they both will come to know the reality, the affection will attain the place of hatred. Because any lady or any man is not the property of any single one. And it too is not so that that girl loves only that one. So loving that girl by that man is a great foolishness. Swami Dayanand Ji has Said-

"Malmay Striyadikon Main Asakti Rakhna Murkhon Ka Kaam Hai"

(Having affection in ladies etc, full of frailties, is an action of fools.)

And that affectionate man must pass through the punishment of affection too. This punishment is given by the god himself as the result of Affection.

But if there no affection exists in the world, the world may not move likewise, So as the education I say that we should not perform affection in excess.And very light affection must be there within us. We must be dutiful to others in place.


Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav Sharma'

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Finding Solution

If we want to make solution of any problem, thinking about the rules and properties of that particular problem, we should think and reflect, we can get the solution of the problem so. Means-

"Solution of that problem can be received by thinking on that one."

So we came to know by it, thinking and refection is too necessary part of our life. It is said that a human being is made for 'Thinking'. A thinker is called a human being even.

So we should find the time for thinking and reflection but our reflection must be pure, genuine.

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Bhavanand Arya

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Marriage of Ravan

King Mahidant was a universal monarch. Patalpuri, Rohini, Gandhaar etc. countries were overuled by king Mahidant. The treasure of these places existed in Lanka and Maharaja Shiva was his contributory. Once Rishi Pulastya on reqesting Maharaja Shiva reserved a place in Lanka. That was a house of gold in which Rishi Pulastya would take rest. After some time it happened, Kubair was selected as the king of Lanka. The other kings too started ruling their own nations. Kudhit Rushtit named king ruled on Patalpuri and Bhartik ruled Somdhit. King Mahidant's nation became a little.

Raja Mahidant neither had any son nor any daughter. After some time it happened that a daughter was born to king Mahidant, the king made a great pleasure. Several Vedas were recited. Birth ceremony was performed with a festive. After that when that girl became some older, wife of Mahidant, Surekha said, "O Bhagwan! This girl should go to Gurukul (institute of a Rishi) so that she may become matured after getting education. At that time Maharaja Mahidant getting the prayer of his wife, bringing that girl to priest of his dynasty Maharishi Tatv Muni Maharaj. At that time it is heared that he was a celibacy observer of 284 years. On reaching there the king as well as the girl touched the feet of Maharishi and the king said, "Bhagwan! Give me daughter the accurate education of learnings so that she may become successful in every type of learnings.

Maharishi Balmiki described about it that the king Mahidant returned to his palace and Rishi started giving that girl education. While getting education, that girl became very much great and got a great success in learning. She became scholar in material Yag and Vedic occupation. She used to study Vedas whole of the time. Thence Rishi thought within his mind "This girl is able to move to Brahmin dynasty. What to do now?" Rishivar used to think this one everyday. After some time the girl became young. As full moon becomes matured, that girl was matured with celibacy. King, according to the statement of his wife, requested Rishi reaching to him, "Bhagwan! Now I want to bring the daughter to our house. Now her marriage too must be performed. Please give me decision about the properties of her. In which Varna her marriage should be performed?" Thence Rishi replied, "Your daughter must go to Rishi dynasty. Further, it is your choice wherever you want to marry you may. I do not have any objection." The king brought that Brahmcharini to the royal palace.

It is the custom in our vedic literature when a brahmchari or brahmcharini comes from Gurukul the parents must welcome him/her with Yag and reception. Similarly the parents welcomed her with full strength. After welcoming the wife told her husband "Maharaj! Now our daughter has become young. Do any act for her marriage." The king started wandering everyday. While wandering he reached to Manichand, son of Rishi Pulastya. Manichand had a son who was Aditya brahmchari of 48 years. He was a great scholar of Vedas. Maharaja requested Manichand, "Maharaj! Accept my daughter, I want to marry my daughter to your son." At that time Manichand said, "Maharaj! How may I have too much good destiny that too much glorious girl may come to our dynasty?" Son Varun as well as his parents accepted that relation. The king with pleasure returned back to his house.

According to Astrology, the time was fixed. After some time, the day came. Manichand told his son "O son! There should be the society of ancient Brahmins. Which daughter, which girl, which son has his/her marriage ceremony among Vedic scholars, his/her actions are fulfilled always. Thence ancient scholars were invited. After invitation the group of scholars came to King Mahidant. King Mahidant saw that it was a very scholar group. The king welcomed with full strength. According to the custom of Rishis, Brahmcharini herself reached to her husband to welcome him. That girl proposed flower rings interlaced with gems, they accepted it. As the same, the king welcomed his relatives with full strength. After welcoming gave them places for rest. In the evening it was the time of marriage ceremony of the girl. With full pleasure the ceremony started. It started chanting of Vedic mantras by the wises. Brahmchari was chanting his own vedic mantras. Brahmcharinin was chanting her own. On several places the chanting was performed with full hope and pleasure. The ceremony ended.

Next day came. Winter wind was flowing at that time. Because of it the relatives of the child (Varun) could not bathe. That child said, "Oh! Why are you not bathing?" They said, "How to bathe winter wind is blowing." At that time that Bal Brahmchari, who was the master of Vedas, who knew the boundaries of science, closed his palms and said, "O Vayudev! You are disturbing in our tasks. Please become calm for a while." At that time the wind became little slow by the determination of brahmchari. All the relatives bathed. Several relatives having taken bath reached to their own places.

After that when other time came and all the persons started moving their own houses, king Mahidant thence welcomed everyone with full strength. When the bride was about to depart a person said, "O Brothers! This son was so able but king king Mahidant could not welcome him well." Thence king Mahidant became perplexed. With perplexity he said, "O Relatives! What should I do? This one time of mine is likewise. There was a period when I was emperor. Now the whole property moved to Lanka. Maharaja Kubair has become its owner. At that time, accepting these statements, all the persons departed to their own places. 

When reaching to his house the child thought that "My father-in-law said that his Lanka had won by Kubair, I have to win Lanka from Kubair." Wise is adorable everywhere. He was grandson of Pulastya Rishi Maharaj, so in which nation he moved he was welcomed. If they give anything in welcome, brahmchari would demand, "Give me ten thousand soldiers so that my task may complete." Like wise collecting ten thousands soldiers from every region, he attacked Lanka and won king Kubair. Thence king Kubair told, "O brother! Why are you winning me?" Then the great brahmchari said, "Kubair! I am not looking peace in your nation. In which period the people of a nation are not peacefull, at that time that king must be unthroned. It is the relegion. And in place of it peace provider, full of self conscious, who may give the peoples accurate pleasure and peace, the king should be enthroned."

Making separate king Kubair from Lanka, that child Varun reached in front of king Mahidant and told him, "Maharaj! I have won Lanka. Take your Lanka back and accept it." Thence king Mahidant said, "O Brahmchari! You yourself won Lanka, I accept it. But after accepting it, I am giving you this Lanka as the dowry of my daughter to you."

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Bhavanand Arya

Thursday, April 17, 2014

To Find The Target

ॐ हिरण्यमयेनपात्रेण  सतस्यापिहितम् मुखम्|
योऽसावादित्ये पुरुषः सोअसावहं ॐ खम् ब्रह्म ||यजुर्वेद||40||17 
Om Hiranyamayen Patren Satyasyapihitam Mukham
Yoasavaditye Purushah Soasavaham. Om Khambrahm.||Yajurved||40||17

The mouth of truth, reality is covered with golden membrane. To the arrow of ascetic mind, with the bow of adoring soul, putting on the thread of Vital Air, O Dear! Find the target and entangle the cover to find the truth. We know that mind is the medium of knowledge, vital air is the medium of doing attempt. We should entangle our goal by our full strength and to entangle the goal it is necessary to become ascetic. The goal has the greed improving gold as to mislead the shooter.

In this world for any kind of action there are two aspects-
1.   Tendency
2.   Accomplishment

Tendency of any kind of deed gives pleasure as well as sorrow on every new step. Similarly accomplishment or becoming away from the goal gives sorrow in place of pleasure of tendency and pleasure in place of sorrow of tendency. So we came to know that pleasure and sorrow both are must in this world so leaving this matter of sorrow and pleasure we should choose our goal and should become busy in our tendency route of our target.

Mother nature has three types of properties-

1. Sat        -        Knowledge
2, Raj        -        Action, Discipline
3. Tam       -        Ignorance, Stay

So while finding our goal, we must have Sat property in us. This one property we get by simple food and herbal medicines. We should know that Raj is superior to Tam and Sat is superior to Raj. So we should try to get upper one to improve us. Actually what we ask from mother nature we get. If we ask for blood and flesh the mother earth gives us so. If we ask for Sat food the mother earth gives us so. Mother earth respects the wise by these types of food. So to get our target we need to ask for Sat food from her.

If we are pure, innocent, honest and true to our actions the success is near us. Nothing is impossible to this kind of person.

Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav'

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Angad and Jamvant

Specialist of Vital Air Learning: Angad

Hanuman was perfect in vital air learning but this one learning reached to Bali’s son, Angad. Ram said to Angad, “O Angad! Go to Ravan, there may be a little bit conciliation, his thoughts as well as ours may be united, Go and give him education.
When Angad reached to the assembly of Ravana, several scientists too were present there, King Ravan as well as all sons of him were present there. Ravan said, “Your welcome. How did you come here.”

Angad replied, “Prabhu! I came so that you as well as Ram may become united in thoughts. Here spreading of Vedic culture has an error. I came here to condemn that error. To establish character is the duty of a king. Your nation has become characterless. Your nation does not seem uplifted so I have come here today.”

Ravan said, “This one thought of yours is accurate but tell me what the lack is there in my nation?”

Now Angad said, “Your nation has a lack of character. When nation of a king does not has character, the culture starts disappearing. Culture must not be destroyed. The culture is to be uplifted. The culture says this one that character, behavior must be good, should be high. Daughters of all must be protected. This one is the method of nation of a king.”

Ravan asked, “IS there my nation has no science?”

Angad said, “O Ravan! Your nation does have science even but what will be there of science, some one is traveling to Mars but what will be there of Mars flight when there are blasts in your nation. O Ravan! You are traveling Sun. What will be there of that Sun flight when a daughter is not safe in your nation, What will be there of your nation?”

Ravan exclaimed, “What this you are muttering? You have left the custom of your father.”

Angad replied, “No. I have come here so that your nation and Ayodhya may become united.”

At this Ravan became silent. Narayantak said, “Bhagwan! It must be discussed, he is a messanger, what he says.

Angad said, “If you unite your thoughts with Ram, Ram will move back taking mother Sita.”

Ravan said, “What it are you pronouncing. I am not reckless.”

Angad spoke, “This one is the recklessness in the world. To catch other’s daughters is a great recklessness. This one is your recklessness that you become another effeminate. A king who insults any female, gets blasts in his nation.”

Ravan said that he is speaking bitter.

Angad said that “I am fixing an act of vital air in front of you. If there is upliftment of character, this one is my leg. If you move this Yog for a little time even, I shall take Ram back Ayodhya leaving mother Sita here.” This one was his act of vital air. He took all vital airs to the foot and by joining Udaan, Vyaan and Apaan with Nag, when all four joined and Pran also got its place, his body became expanded, his foot became expanded. There was no one strong in that royal assembly who might move away his foot for even a single bit of time. When Angad’s foot did not move for a single fraction, at that time Ravan himself arose, when he came to him, he said himself, “He is the king and it is not good to the foot be touched by a king.” He took back his foot and said, “O Ravan! It is useless to touch my feet. If you touch the feet of Ram, you may get welfare. Your thoughts will be united.”

Ravan moved back to his pace. Narayantak said, “O father! Whose army has specialists of Vital air learning like it we can’t win this one army. We know to take the vital air with science, but these one know to take their vital air to veins. Who know to take pranas to veins, O father, no one of the world may win that army.”

Scientist :  King Jamvant

Jamvant is called as a bear in modern age but he was a scientist. On the beach of ocean he used to construct a raised plateform by which plateform he fixed the machines in ocean so that he might know the substances of ocean. His machines were best. He made more machines too. He was a king. King Ravan had seized the reign of all these. Jamvant helped Ram in the battle. He donated Ram a machine that gobbled up poisonous atoms itself.

Bhavanand Arya ‘Anubhav’

Saturday, April 12, 2014

King Ravan

Ruling Kings of Lanka

Before king Ravan Maharaja Kubair was the king of Lanka, before Kubair it was Maharaja Mahidant, before Mahidant it was Maharaja Shiva. System of ruling was there before a lot time. When Ravan became king, the whole reign of King Raghu, Ravan seized. King Dashrath had a little reign of Ayodhya.

Ravan from Varun

Mandodari, daughter of Maharaj Mahidant was married with Maharaja Ravan. Name of Ravan’s childhood was Varun Because of being Brahmin and scholar of Vedas, kings helped him and after defeating Kubair he was made the king of Lanka. When Varun was elected as king of Lanka, all scholars together named himRavan. Ravan is called to a great charitable. According to grammar and meemansa Ravan is called to a wise and scientist. This is not an abuse. According to grammar and human society a great charitable is called Ravan.


In modern age, it is said, Ravan had ten heads. When Ram would cut them, the new one would appear. This is only a slander. Why Ravan is called Dashanan? Anan is the name of directions and these are – East, West, North and South, four directions of corners, upwards and downwards. These one are ten directions. Kind Ravan knew the whole science of these tens. He was Brahmin and great wise.

Nectar Well in Naval

Brahmchari Varun was courteous, recitor of Vedas, great scientist and was a great wise. His soul was pious. His heart became generous. With the help of theory of Ayurved, Varun knew the whole nerve science. Naval Chakra within human body has group of approximately two crores of veins. There is a vein named as Sushumna that starts from brain which meet to former part of Naval Chakra. The person who is of good thinking, who meditate for the supreme power and knows the naval, that knows several sciences by the science of nerve. A vein named Sudhit which is known as Bodhit too, that starts from Brahm hole, connects to naval. When there becomes full moon day and it matures with the all faces, the relation of Sudhit, through brain becomes with the moon. The light that it get by moon, the vein takes up.

Persons who know the science of nerves, know how the nectar is received from moon by Yoga. Likewise the nectar is matured and is collected to the place between the veins of naval. So what is the specialty in it? The life of human becomes strong by it and he moves beyond death. To him it clears up that his death will become after how much many years. His age becomes more because that happiness providing nectar is there in naval. So this one is called the nectar well in naval.


King Ravan got education of science from Maharishi Bharadwaj, Maharishi Sombhuk and Brahma Ji. Shiv Ji too was his teacher.

Bhavanand Arya

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yogi, Scientist and Valiant : Hanuman

King Hanuman used to study on contraction so his contracting power had become very strong. I remember that in the age of Treta, according  to the contracting power, he used to perform research  to contract and expand his body. These movements of contraction are observed by Yoga practice. A man wonders having known to contraction act.

Hanuman was a great yogi, a great celibacy observer, a great critic, reasoning and minister of Maharaja Ram. He observed the great science of Sun, he observed every bit of that science. That science was on tongue to him. So it is apt to say Hanuman Ji gobbled up great virtues and science of Sun not the Sun. Hanuman covered up the ocean with the help of Yogic acts.

Maharaja Hanuman knew to join Udaan Praan, to Kurm and Krikal. By which method this body is made enlarged and minor (contracted). The nature has five types of motions - Contraction, expanding, Upward, downward and Movement. The yogi who knows these five may make his body enlarged and can make it contracted by contraction. Hanuman entered to the mouth of Sursa by contraction.

Hanuman Ji was a great scholar of learning of Sun. Once Ram asked Hanuman that 'I want to know how the sickness is cured by the rays of Sun? Hanuman said, 'The Sun has thousands of rays but main rays are only seven. Different types of colors such as white, green, red etc. the rays have. These five great elements are working in human body. When a man becomes sick, the flow of any element from these becomes less then. Which element become less in body, that one type of ray is used then. That ray makes effect on the sick limb and the sickness ends.

Man of Diplomacy

After winning  Lanka Vibhishan came to Ram and said, "O Bhagwan! You will go from here now. You will go from here now. You made a great kindness to me. Now take the food here in my kingdom. I came to invite you. Ram had wished it that we shall take but see! When Hanuman Ji went among them, he told we shall think on it. When said it, Ram did not pronounce his sentences further. In lonely place Ram told, "Why upi did it so?" He told, "Bhagwan! It is nationality. Do not accept it. Vibhishan will remain our friend. His master, the king of Lanka, Ravana is killed. The family is killed so Bhagwan! You should not accept this invitation. Ram accepted this sentence of him. Ram said, "O Laxman! Hanuman Ji is very wise, he is very skilful. So Vibhishan Ji came to Lanka and Ram came to his Ayodhya. Within the year, it is remembered to me, that he made him his chief minister. He distributed every type of designation to him.
So what is the conversation! World of modern age is of so peculiar kind that the wisest like Hanuman,who could wander on beaches of oceans with machines, who might might move to Sun with rays of Sun, who might move to moon with with light of Moon, who used to get energy from there. That servant of the god is ornamented with the designation of an animal. What a great game, with the dignitaries is it!

Flight of Stars and Planets

When Maharaja Hanuman and Ganesh Ji both reached to the gate of Rishi, they told to Rishi, only this one, "Maharaj! We want to become Yogi. We want to make research on learning of Sun." Maharaja Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji made a machine named 'Paduka' It was the virtue of that machine that they made vital air strength in it. He started his flight on earth and while moved forth they reached Mars when moving there scientists of Mars tried to owner this machine. Thence there lived a scientist named Swettaam Vriheenik in Mars. He wished to own that machine there and with a machine he attacked. so Hanuman Ji and Ganesh Ji both disappeared with the machine. Taking the machine they returned to Earth.
They having sat in the machine used to walk in 72 planets. Which type of description I may perform about those dignitaries who made research of their lives and tried to know scientific facts. I, many times described while saying 'Hanuman Ji never died.' Splendor of Hanumanji's body used to be so peculiar. Maharaja Ganesh Ji has made a machine named 'Chunget'. When he sat in the machine it used to revolve around this earth, to revolve round Mars and with the rays of Sun it would enter into the Sun.

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Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav'

Monday, March 24, 2014

Divya Ram Katha : Hanumaan


Just on the day we want to make us learned in several types of learnings because on taking single one hymn from hymns of Vedas when a person recites as song, the human being becomes competent, successful as well as blessed. Hanuman Ji knew the song of Deepmalika (row of lamps). I (Shringi Rishi) have remembrance of the times. The Deepmalika has even been existed in the brains of Rishis and Munis. When having won Lanka, Ram reached to Ayodhya, Hanuman Ji sang it near Ram. When started the song of lamps (Deepak rag), a lot of lamps lit in Ayodhya itself. Then king Bharat came to know that Ram has reached to Ayodhya having won Lanka. Because this on is the song of Hanuman Ji and this light of Deepmalika is done by that one song. This one learning Adi Brahma too knew. This one learning his son Atharva too knew. When Atharva used to recite the song of this learning, lines of lamps used to be enlightened.

What is the light of Deepmalika? Deepmalika means if it becomes light of lamps by the voice of a person, is called Deepmalika. Being Yag in a temple is called Deepmalika. That peerless learning must be studied again. By this learning a human being become blessed and he/she then accepts that this learning he/she must have and thinks that his/her human life will become uplifted by this learning. See! this learning may not be obtained without penance. Hanuman Ji on performiong solitary waterless fast, on leaving food, studied this learning. He used to know several types of molecules and atoms in Learning of Sun. Taking it in mouth, becoming light of Deepmalika was a peerless learning of Hanuman. Rishis having this learning were a little. This learning needs penance. This learning is that one which enriches the human life. After attaining this learning where there Brahmchris, wises, dignitaries take birth? In Kajli forests. 
How much great misfortune a mother may have but See! That one mother gets pleasure who does not leave faith, belief. A person who is faithful is great only. Who has faith and after being faithful he becomes uplifted. A man/woman uses to indulge in such faith/belief. 

When the celibacy observer Hanuman became of the age 48 years, he married to the daughter of King Sugreev named Rohini. Maharaja Sugreev and Bali both were brothers. After that marriage, giving birth to a son (Makardhwaj) she died. After her death his subconscious said, "Now I shall not move to the naturalism, now I shall search for the science of the god."

When Maharaja Hanuman reached Lanka and he was destroying Ashok garden, at the time when Meghnad could not do anything special, he captured him in Brahmphans. Then Hanuman said that "I can not destroy Brahmphans because my boundaries may destroy then." In material science Brahmphans was an instrument but here in which Brahmphans Hanuman Ji was captured was Yagyopaveet (holy thread) only. He said that , "I can destroy it but my boundaries are not ordering it that I may end it. This is the sign of being Aryan." Aryan is the person who is pure and pious. Who protects his boundaries.


Bhavanand Arya

Friday, March 14, 2014


The supreme power god himself says that "I give the truth speaker the wealth of ancient knowledge etc. I give the fruit of the Yagya (the process of doing good actions like performing yag etc.) to the performer of it. Whatever in this world exists I made it and I maintain it. So in the place of mine, do not adore anyone, consider anyone, know anyone."

(From Vedas)

Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav'

Monday, March 10, 2014

No Devotee is Unseen to Him

The Supreme Power God says that 'None of my devotee is far, unseen to me and myself is not far, unseen to him/her.'

न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति (Na Me Bhaktah Pranshyati) is said by Lord Krishna as the message distributor of the Supreme Power god himself, in Bhagwat Geeta. So if we become the devotee of supreme power he shall be always available for us. The pleasure of being devotee of god can not be explained. In the world while we are captive of it devotion is the key to get over pleasure. This over pleasure we get in the salvation too.

If we have faith and belief in anything we should not have doubt about that one thing cause it is said-
संदेहात्मा विनश्यति (Sandehatma Vinashyati) - A person having doubts gets an end.

This doubtfulness we should not have for, because of this feeling, when effects the other, makes the negative effect on us in return. So if we want to make us improved and developed, after searching in advance the other, we should have faith and should make and end to doubts.

About god, peoples and things, we should have faith after searching desired tasks before and no doubt should take place then. Only then we shall become successful in our faith and requirements.

Now I am taking conversation of god from post Kalp Vriksha which is full of required knowledge about future determinations as:

When Supreme Soul made this universe, the souls as well as gods said, "O God! Which type of this world you made?" Thence the God replied, "The world what I made is a type of Kalpa Vriksha. Whatever imagination the soul will do, will become the same, Whatever imagination you will do today shall become that one and that one thing you shall get. But the determination must be accurate, the determination must have discretion, wisdom. So that the human life may become holy, pious"


Bhavanand Arya